Top 5 High-Grade Weed Strains You Must Try When in Nature


Most people believe that marijuana is only used for recreational purposes. As time goes on, more and more people who use marijuana are starting to use the plant for its efficiency, calmness, and relaxation. 

Specific strains of marijuana can treat medical conditions such as insomnia and eating disorders. Still, one of the most sought-after effects of recreational marijuana right now is the uplift in energy it gives users. Most high-grade weed strains provide a buzzing, uplifting high that motivates us to finish chores around the house. Or you may want to go outside or work on a creative project of your choice. 

For this reason, anxiety and paranoia are frequent side effects of strong strains. Subsequently, these potent strains might encourage you to get up and do something deeply involved in nature today. Here are five high-grade weed strains that you should consider trying:

Platinum Cookies: The most effective stress-relieving strain available.

This is also referred to as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies or Platinum GSC. Platinum Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid strain that’s about equal parts Indica and Sativa. 

The exceptional genetics of this bud is the product of a hybrid between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and an unidentified strain. Which resulted in some of the highest THC levels seen in any cannabis strain available today.

With the Platinum Cookies strain, you may expect to experience an intense, powerful euphoric high immediately followed by complete physical relaxation and a significant chair experience. Several psychiatric conditions benefit from its cerebral boosting effects. Even though it gives you a hefty body high, it can help with pain and nausea at the same time.

A lot like white tahoe cookies, but with a hint of skunky earthiness. In the end, Platinum Cookies are a delicious treat! Stress alleviation is one of the most often reported benefits of this highly respected medicinal strain, which is used to treat a broad range of illnesses. 

Take a deep breath and take a step back as soon as you notice yourself becoming tense. A couple of Platinum Cookies will reduce your level of tension to a low hum, letting you concentrate on finding a solution rather than focusing on the issue itself.

Granddaddy Purple: The most potent anxiety-relieving strain available anywhere.

A mild variety, also known as “Granddaddy Purp” and “GDP,” is an excellent choice for first-time growers. Big Bud and Purple Urkle, the parents of this delicious indica, provide fruity flavors to the plant.

When it comes to soothing euphoric effects, Granddaddy Purple is well-known for providing a good night’s sleep by relieving tension and promoting restful sleep. This mellow, calming strain is comparable to Kaya Romulan and Blueberry OG. It promotes pleasant relaxation and enjoyment when smoked.

With the taste of red wine and a hint of the pantry where it was kept, Granddaddy Purple is a unique blend of flavors. A refined scent with tones of fruit, musky undertones, and a hint of spice. This is also precisely what you need when it is time to unwind and take a break from work. 

If you’re feeling a little worried, this well-known Indica-dominant strain is a fantastic choice for relieving your sensations. Take a break with Granddaddy Purps for a while, do some self-care, and then come back to the game refreshed and relaxed.

Due to its CBD and 17% THC concentration, it is an excellent choice for treating anxiety, nausea, and pain symptoms. Contrary to more powerful current cultivars of indica strains, GDP produces a softer body buzz that alleviates pain and combats sadness.

Grape Ape: The most potent strain for pain

Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and the original Afghani have been combined to create the Grape Ape, a mainly Indica crossbreed. For curing illnesses, it shares its potency with THC concentrations of between 18 and 21%, making it a moderately potent but not overwhelming substance. Grape Ape tastes and smells like juicy grapes with a hint of berries, just like the name implies.

To match its grape-like characteristics, this strain, like its Purple parents, has buds and leaves that are a rich shade of purple. This is a popular strain among medical marijuana patients, although many of us might benefit from a good pain relief strain every now and then. Grape Ape effectively relieves post-workout aches and pains as well as treats long-term health issues. You’ll be responsible for walking and wandering in nature. You’ll be dancing and interacting all the time! 

Vanilla Frosting: The strongest strain for creativity

With a high concentration of THC and a delicious vanilla flavor to brag about, Vanilla Frosting is a powerful strain. If you like the flavors of sweet vanilla, herbal spiciness, and earthiness, this strain is for you! 

Furthermore, considering the high THC content of 15–18%, and in some instances exceeding 25 %, the psychotropic and medicinal properties are highly favorable. It is sweet enough to smear over a cake, but not too sweet. For those occasions when you need to participate in some kind of artistic outlet, this is the appropriate strain. 

You should play your guitar and compose something nice. Take out your old watercolor set and start painting in nature! Make a treehouse, knit a blanket, or apply your makeup while waiting. With the help of this variety, it is possible to be the most creative and imaginative version of yourself.

Vanilla Frosting begins to affect your body as you get used to it. Pleasure comes first and then comes relaxation. However, Vanilla Frosting is capable of much more. Its high Indica content will put your body and mind in a state of ecstasy and peace for the length of your trip.

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Sundae Driver: The strongest strain for happiness

Sundae Driver, commonly known as “Sunday Driver,” is a cannabis hybrid strain created by combining the FPOG and Grape Pie strains. When you are under the influence of this strain, you will feel calm, relaxed, and delighted. Sugary, mellow, and creaminess characterize the taste of Sundae Driver. 

According to the growers, light green and purple blooms soaked in trichomes are characteristic of this strain. Sundae Driver has a flavor similar to a creamy, fruity cereal with a bit of grape added in for additional sweetness. 

Users are giggling because something about this strain makes them happy. You may spend an afternoon reconnecting with nature, making it simple to laugh your stress away. 


These weed strains will give the ideal experience, regardless of whether you are an experienced connoisseur or are just getting your feet wet. Multiple different cannabis strains are great for the environment. On the other hand, these strains differ based on your preferences and tastes. Understanding what you are looking for in a strain is essential before experimenting with them. Check out Doobdasher to see more high-grade weed strains in Canada. 


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