Top 3 Skills You Require to Start a Career in Interior Design Course in Delhi

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Interior Designing involves the use of art and science to conceptualize and transform spaces into functional, unique, and visually appealing experiences for people. Furthermore, it also entails the optimal utilization of available spaces. The interior designer considers the client’s requirements and budget while making aesthetic and architectural improvements in the internal spaces.

Interior designing can be for both residential as well as commercial areas including Office, Industrial units, Aircraft, Luxury boats (yachts), retail, public buildings, and even historic buildings. At the same time, it is not limited to designing & planning interiors only as he can look at various career options- exhibition designers, lighting designers, set designers, furniture designers, kitchen designers, product designers, textile designers, production designers, etc.


The increased population coupled with changing family dynamics –joint family to nuclear family, is forcing the reduction in per capita land consumption. Hence efficient use of limited spaces is becoming an important need. In addition, an increased international exposure among people about the quality of life is also fuelling increased demand for interior designers. Therefore interior designing is emerging as a thriving career option.

Required Skills:

  1. Aptitude for creativity, design, and sketching ability along with computer knowledge: A person must have a knack for colours, design, aesthetic sense, etc. Besides this, he must have the talent to sketch so that he can present his unique concepts in line with customer’s tastes and requirements. Moreover, he must be comfortable with computers so that he can present his concepts as a 2D or 3D model.
  2. Visualization skills: Visualization skills not only help in conceptualizing but also in visualizing the result of his work before it becomes a reality.
  3. Keep up with trends: To stay relevant, he must stay updated with the ensuing market trends.

Besides this, good communication and listening skills will always help him stay ahead of the curve since it will ensure that he understands the requirement and can offer and communicate innovative solutions.

Courses For a Career in Interior Design in Delhi

Various “Interior Design” courses are available in the market, however, you should opt for one basis the following deliberations:

  1. College must develop a holistic perspective of Interior Designing. So besides teaching the fundamentals of interior designing, it must also give knowledge about its effects on the human psyche (effects of colours, ergonomics & designs). Courses must not only also teach about the various materials to use but also their impact on the environment.
  2. The course must offer specializations -Adaptive Reuse, Furniture Design, Built Heritage, and Parametric Design.
  3. The course must ensure student’s international exposure
  4. Regular interactions with industry stalwarts will help a student stay up-to-date with current trends.
  5. Comprehensive internship and placement program post-course completion.
  6. Competencies in technical aspects-software, 3D programs, etc.
  7. Participation in various competitions and live sessions to help develop a strong work portfolio
  8. The course certification must be accredited at the national as well as international level.

Thus, a career in interior design course in Delhi will lead you to a path of success that is not only creatively fulfilling but also enriching and rewarding.