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Top 3 Features of WhatsApp to be rolled out in 2020

WhatsApp is the most popular Instant Messaging App available for both Android and IOS available in the market also has more than 1 billion users. WhatsApp has been the best Instanging Messaging App since it was launched back in 2009. There are a lot of competitors of WhatsApp, but no one can beat WhatsApp because of its security and Useful features.

WhatsApp launched a lot of features in 2019 like the Fingerprint scanner, Reply individually fro group chat. Today I will be showing you some useful features of WhatsApp that WhatsApp notified and will be rolled out in 2020.

1: WhatsApp Dark Mode

Dark mode or Night mode is very popular in all the latest android devices, it makes the background screen color white to black for using the smartphone easily at night, which obviously saves our eyes vision. The Dark mode in every phone supports only stock apps. It can’t change the background of third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Now WhatsApp has decided to launch the Dark mode feature for WhatsApp.

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The dark mode is very useful for those who use the phone at night, there’s also another feature in all latest smartphones that is Blue Light Filter or Reading mode which is also useful for filtering blue light and reduce eye strain while continually using the phone for a long time

Pros of Dark Mode

  • Dark Mode makes comfortable while using the phone at night.
  • The black background and white text don’t affect our eyes.
  • It also saves the battery of your smartphone but only in OLED and AMOLED Displays
  • Increase readability at night
  • Reduces eye strain by using WhatsApp for a long time at night in white mode

Cons of Dark Mode

  • Dark mode sometimes creates an imbalance between screen because of Background wallpaper and using a colorful theme.
  • Using Dark mode in the day is a little bit difficult. but we can turn it off or schedule to turn it off  in the morning and turn on at night automatically

2: WhatsApp Pay

Since 2018, there are rumors that WhatsApp has tested the WhatsApp Pay feature in its Beta version. Basically, WhatsApp Pay is UPI based feature that allows users to send and request money to your contacts in India. UPI is very comfortable than Mobile Banking Application. However, there is not any update from WhatsApp when they are rolling out WhatsApp Pay but it is expected to be launched in 2020 and this will be only for India

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If WhatsApp launches the WhatsApp Pay feature there will be high competition in Payments apps in India like Phonepe, Google Pay and the Official BHIM UPI app. Everyone will prefer to use WhatsApp Pay because all the users will be using WhatsApp Pay and it can be a convenient way to send and request money among your contacts

Pros Of WhatsApp Pay

  • UPI is the best application that allows us to use our all bank account in one App. In WhatsApp Pay feature we can link all our bank accounts and do transactions easily
  • While integrating the UPI Pay feature inside WhatsApp it will be more easy to send and request money.
  • UPI is secure than other Mobile Banking Apps and Also the current WhatsApp version comes with an inbuilt Fingerprint lock option. So the combination of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Pay will be more secure.
  • UPI Payment is fast and when compared to card payments, we just need to enter our UPI ID and approve transaction from the UPI App
  • Send or receive money 24/7, even on public/bank holidays.

Cons Of WhatsApp Pay

  • Transactions are limited to 10000 rupees per day, However, some bank accounts don’t apply limits we can send up to 50000 per day.
  • Your WhatsApp number must be linked to your banked account to access UPI
  • If you using more than 1 bank account your linked phone number must be same to access all account in WhatsApp Pay
  • As UPI is developed By National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI), WhatsApp Pay will be available only in India

Ads in WhatsApp Story

WhatsApp in early 2019 notified that they will be pushing ads in stories while swiping our friend’s stories or status we will see interest-based ads on it. This is the first time an instant messaging app will be pushing ads in it. Not for the first time, Facebook has pushed the same thing in Messenger, Facebook and Instagram too. While the other competitors like hike and telegram didn’t do that. However, there is no update regarding pushing ads in Stories till now.

Pros of Ads

  • No one likes ads, but ads will be interest-based so few of them will be useful for us
  • Also, WhatsApp is not pushing Ads in a chat screen or other screens only while swiping story we may see ads
  • we can skip the ads by swiping right or left

Cons of Ads

  • No one likes ads, everyone wants an ads-free app
  • Facebook Inc can get a lot of advantage of Advertisements in WhatsApp but pushing Adverstiementsin an Instant messaging app will not give a long-term benefit
  • If WhatsApp pushes ads in Chat Screen in the future that will be more disgusting


Here I discussed all the upcoming features of WhatsApp that will be launched in 2020. These are very useful except ads feature which only provides an advantage to Facebook Adverts. As we all know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook Inc, the dark mode feature is also expected in Facebook and it’s messaging App. But the Instagram works with the inbuild Dark mode of Android.

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