Tips on How to Clean Your Bong

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By John Wick

In the United States, there are 18 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

One of the most popular ways of enjoying marijuana is through a bong. If you’ve used a bong before, you may have wondered how to clean your bong to keep the flavor fresh and the apparatus nice.

How To Clean Your Bong 

A bong is a device that uses a chamber and a carburetor to draw in and hold marijuana smoke. Inside this designation, there are many different kinds of smoking devices, but bongs hold a distinction as being often tall, used with water, and producing a smooth, easy-to-accept smoke.

How to clean your bong depends often on the materials used to create the bong. If the bong is made of glass, it is not much different than how to clean a glass pipe. This involves mechanical methods like scraping and scrubbing, solvents such as vinegar or alcohol, or even the application of heat.

Bong Cleaning By Material 

If you have a glass bong, cleaning can be seen as very easy. Any area of a glass pipe or bong that can be reached can be cleaned with little effort. The problem is, the smaller the device, the more difficult to reach inside of it.

Resin and other byproducts don’t cling to the glass. One method for cleaning a glass bong is to boil it in freshwater. You can also apply a solvent like vinegar, but with glass, this is often not necessary.

Plastic bongs often work in the same way, with very little build-up being trapped against it. If you have a more exotic type of bong, the key is to make sure that whatever method you’re using won’t damage the materials. But often an application of mild heat and physical scrubbing will do the work fine.

Bong Cleaning Hacks 

Bong cleaning can be made easier with solvents, such as vinegar, alcohol, or other forms of chemicals designed for this use. One of the ways to make the process easier is to apply a solvent and then allow it to sit, breaking down the thick oily resin. This will allow you to more easily scrub the surface, and unlike boiling water won’t create a strong odor.

Whichever method or type of cleaning you employ, remember to break down the bong to its base components. If you have any questions you can ask knowledge professionals either where you purchased your apparatus or at a dispensary such as Harvest House of Cannabis.

Proper Cleaning and Your Bong 

Keeping your bong clean is not just a matter of choice, it is a really good idea. Not only will a dirty bong impact the flavor of your marijuana, but it can also be very difficult to conceal. The smell will build up over time, and only cleaning it in a safe and proper way will prevent this from getting out of control.

No which way you decide to clean when you determine how to clean your bong, remember that glass is fragile and should be treated delicately. Don’t risk injury just to have a clean bong, use tools to reach in and get to those hard-to-reach places or let liquids such as solvents or boiling water do their work.

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