How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy?

People spend about $1,200 every year on prescription medications to stay healthy. Ordering your medications through online pharmacies could save you time and money. Not every online pharmacy is safe, though.

In fact, you could risk buying medication full of harmful fillers. Avoid a scam! Here are the five tips you need to find a safe online pharmacy. With these tips, you can have peace of mind before you start shopping.

Purchase medicine from a safe pharmacy with these tips today.

1: Provide Your Prescription

Almost 90% of all online pharmacies don’t require a prescription from a licensed doctor. Before you buy medicine online, make sure the pharmacy requests your prescription. If they don’t, there’s a chance they’re operating illegally. If they don’t ask for a prescription, how will they send the right medication?

They could send medication full of fillers. They might send the wrong medication instead. If you don’t take the medicine your doctor prescribed, it could impact your health. Instead, make sure the pharmacy asks for a prescription. If you can’t speak with a qualified pharmacist, scratch that pharmacy off your list.

2: Licensing

As you look for a safe online pharmacy, make sure it’s licensed and registered. Check the National Association Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website. You can use their site to verify each pharmacy’s licensing.

If the website doesn’t post its licensing and registration information, remain wary. Legit online pharmacies won’t make your search for their information.

3: The Seal

Look for the VIPPS seal on the pharmacy’s website. The best online pharmacy will have the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites seal. The seal indicates the pharmacy meets state licensure requirements.

These online pharmacies are screened by the NABP. They have to undergo a visit from a certification team to receive the seal. You can buy medication feeling confident from these sites.

4: Check the List

As you vet each online pharmacy, make sure they’re not on the NABP’s Not Recommended List. This list features websites that don’t comply with state or federal laws. They likely neglect patient safety.

Don’t purchase medicine from these websites. Instead, do your due diligence.

5: Make Sure It’s Safe

The pharmacy’s website can tell you a lot about their legitimacy, too. First, look at the website’s URL. Do you see “HTTPS” in front of the domain name? These websites are secure.

In other words, you can buy medicine on these websites without risking your private information. If the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate or privacy policy, keep searching. Otherwise, you could put your credit card information at risk.

Take the time to compare prices, too. If a price seems too good to be true, it likely is. You can check out the Spiriva cost to find high-quality prescription medications from a brand you can trust.

Fill Your Script: 5 Tips for Finding a Safe Online Pharmacy

Don’t shop from the first online pharmacy you find. Instead, use these tips to find a safe online pharmacy. Using these tips will give you peace of mind in your choice.

Then, you can buy medication with ease!

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