Things you absolutely need to know before getting a tattoo

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By Kaleem Ullah

Before getting a tattoo there are some important things that you should know: what risks are there? What are the most painful areas? Here is a small guide to find out everything you need to know!

Tattoos have always been the vehicle of a symbolism that has its origins in prehistory: symbols of change, belonging or transformation to be imprinted on the skin. Today getting tattooed is a passion, but also a fashion. Too often people approach the world of tattoos in an almost naive way, perhaps to follow the VIP of the moment: nothing could be more wrong. There are some things to know before getting a tattoo that cannot be underestimated, some measures not to put your health at risk but also to avoid making hasty decisions both on the drawing and on the tattoo artist.

Mini guide on things to know before getting a tattoo

Whether it is your first tattoo or not, it is good to consider some important tips to avoid having post tattoo problems. Let’s find out together with this mini guide.

Rely on a professional tattoo artist

How to recognize a professional tattoo artist?

  •         The choice : on the net there is a very long list, choose the most titled ones in your area and make an appointment, also get help from some friend who has recently had a tattoo and who may be able to give you good advice.
  •         The studio: the most important thing is to visit the studio where it will be carried out to personally check the environment in which the tattoo artist works: check the hygienic situation and above all that he uses disposable needles and tools to avoid the risk of infections, these are closed packs disposable.
  •         Experience: to understand what his experience is, let us show you some books of his works and find out about any collaborations with other colleagues. Also pay attention to how much time he devotes to you and the attention he pays to you.
  •         The price: do not trust prices that are too low: a quality tattoo has its cost. Let’s talk about 50 euros as a starting price for a small tattoo.

Check the health and hygiene conditions in which the tattoo artist works

As we have already anticipated, but it is better to clarify it better, it is very important to evaluate the sanitary conditions of the studio in which the tattoos artist works: also inquire about professional courses or certificates to show you.

  •         Disposable tools: the tattoo artist must use needles, disposable ink holders and sterile needle-holder tubes, as well as having an autoclave (instrument for sterilizing objects that he must possess by law).
  •         Quality Ink: Make sure the inks you use are of quality by asking what kinds of colors it uses. Some, in fact, may be toxic.
  •         Disposable gloves: the tattoo artist must then wear disposable gloves while working which he will have to change if, during a break, he touches other objects, talks on the phone etc.

Beware of allergic reactions

Allergy sufferers must pay particular attention before getting a tattoo: some substances contained in the ink could in fact cause allergies. Ask the tattoo artist for the ingredient list of all colors and consult a doctor before getting a tattoo. As a rule, those who are allergic to nickel must pay more attention and above all tell the tattoo artist in advance, in these cases it is advisable to do a specific examination.

Make a good decision on what kind of tattoo to do

Especially if it is your first tattoo, you must be very decisive and aware: it is in fact an image that you will have on your skin in a stable way, it must therefore have an important meaning and represent something of you. Many women love flower tattoos or family tattoos: the memory of a loved one who is no longer there or a symbol that represents the family unit. But some have to make natural creations like honey bee tattoo and many of this kind. On the question of names, those of engaged couples are always to be avoided, better those of sisters, brothers, parents or grandparents, people who will always be in our life and in our heart. If you decide to tattoo phrases, reread them carefully to avoid errors and, if necessary, correct the draft.

Body parts to prefer

Especially if you are on your first tattoo, don’t choose places where you can always see it, as it may tire you after a while. The advice is to do it in an area that you only see when you decide: behind the shoulders, behind the neck, in the groin, on the side. A curiosity concerns the hands and feet: they are the parts where the tattoos discolor first as the skin regenerates faster. 

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How painful it is to get a tattoo and where it hurts the most

The pain you feel while getting tattoos is subjective: it depends on everyone’s pain threshold. Of course, a lot can also depend on the area in which we do it: there are areas that are more sensitive than others and the same goes for the side of the body we have chosen. The places where you usually feel the most pain are: the area between the hip and shoulder, the hip, the inside of the arm, the foot, the inner thigh and the ribs.

The pain usually passes after the first quarter of an hour, after which you will only feel discomfort. The tattoo artist can then use an anesthetic cream. However, it is also important to prepare yourself psychologically the day before the tattoos, also rest well, eat light food and do not drink alcohol as, by thinning the blood, it could increase the pain.

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How to cure the tattoo and what to avoid

Once it is done there are rules to follow, especially during the following weeks to avoid problems.

  •         Leave the bandage put on by the tattoos artist for at least 3 hours and remove it only after washing your hands with disinfectant.
  •         Clean the tattoo with warm water and mild soap to help the pores close.
  •         For at least 20 days apply a specific cream or petroleum jelly.
  •         Don’t cover it up and let it breathe. Crusts will appear which will go away after a few days.
  •         Avoid wearing tight clothing in the tattoo area and do not scratch the scabs.
  •         As already mentioned, avoid the sun and the sea in the 3 weeks following the tattoos.

Tattoos removal is painful

What if after a while you decide to get rid of the tattoo you don’t like anymore? Removing it is possible with the laser but it is important to know that getting rid of it is painful. Also in this case, contact your trusted tattoo artist or in any case an expert tattoos artist. The most used method to remove the tattoo is the laser: it does not damage the skin, but only affects the pigments.

In the case of colored tattoos, however, the infrared laser is more effective, as it can remove colors such as green and yellow that are more difficult to remove with the normal laser. However, get advice from the tattoo artist and, the main thing, think carefully before getting a tattoo, to avoid “painful” second thoughts.