Things to Know About 70’s Halloween Costumes

To put on Halloween costumes from the 70’s, you don’t need to cause harm to yourself by spending a lot of money, and costumes from this decade can be produced with ordinary items in your home. Resurrecting clothes that were worn in the 70’s isn’t difficult because most of the clothing pieces people adorned at that time can still be acquired through e-commerce stores online.

This was the era of flamboyance where Afros were highly sought after and polyester was a king material. In the 60’s, the hippie look was the trend and clothing styles in the 1970’s weren’t that different, and the attention was given to mainstream fashion such as tie-dyed apparel, floral shirts and bell-bottom pants.¬†

Geometric and psychedelic prints were replaced with Maxi dresses, wide ties and leisure suits, and at this point, disco took over. To get a Halloween costume, you can also visit a local thrift shop. For a 1970’s dress, you can choose from several options such as poncho, polyester leisure suits, Tie-dyed jackets or shirts, army jacket, Jackets and shirts with wide lapels, tight mini skirt, gaucho pants, jumpsuit, halter-top, hot pants, peasant skirt or blouse and more.

Also, there are some accessories that fit with 70’s Halloween costumes as your costume won’t look perfect without an accessory. An elegant accessory can make or spoil a very nice piece if you choose to wear it to a party especially.

Let’s start with your shoes. Boots especially the knee-high types were a sensation in the 70’s. It has a retro look when you wear it with a nice micro mini skirt or gaucho pant. In the 70’s, men rocked these shoes as well as canvas shoes.

Long Sideburns

Men can wear long Sideburns for fun while ladies could perm their hair as well. To get a hippie look, try adding a colorful headband. You can adorn your homemade dresses with a big floppy hat if you prefer to cover your sideburn.

70s Hair 

You can go for an afro hairstyle or shag cut while ladies can spread out their locks. If you want, Andy Gibb can also serve as inspiration. If you can’t style your hair into mullet or afro, see if you can buy a common wig.

A 70’s costume may require you to rummage through your closet but it’s worth the while. If you’re lucky enough, you can buy most of them online at very affordable prices.


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