Things to Consider Before Buying Earplugs

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In this period of technology when listening and playing yourself to music is a must to enjoy best occasions it can become a mess if your headphones are tangled up in their own wires. Everyone despises that scene, right? Plus, in untangling the mess of the wires you may end up wasting that moment which was meant to be enjoyed. So, in order to save you from the misery today we’ll be reviewing some of the coolest and best Bluetooth earplugs that are available for you in the market.

However, it is important to know why and when are earplugs preferred over headphones. Consider these scenarios readers. With the help of earplugs, you don’t have to worry about them falling off your ears or getting loose. That’s a miracle in itself by the way. Plus, these little devices work like a perfect fit on their own. For the same reason that we think earplugs are perfect for you, some of those factors we’ll see down below in a while.


Let’s indulge in a bit more reasoning for where these earplugs stand out than those big headphones. Firstly, they are best suited to be used in noisy environments, an example of driving along trucks, construction sites, engine assembly factories. In such times and tech days Bluetooth earplugs are the best available choice guys. The reason being you just can’t risk the annoyance and time consumption of keeping your wired headphones untangled, that just doesn’t happen that much right?

With that the excellent NRR feature of these earplugs makes it easier for you to listen and immerse yourself in your favorite music and podcasts without the worries of the outside world poking at you. Also, you can send and receive calls with decent quality without any delays. Without further waiting let’s dive down onto some of the main aspects and also our favorite pick for the best earplugs for you in the market.

Sound quality and Bluetooth feature

Always keep this factor handy when buying sound equipment. And the same goes for these earplugs as well. Since your earplugs would really serve no purpose if their sound quality was not up to the mark. The Bluetooth feature is now a must-have for these new generation earplugs in the market. Before that the earplugs were simple and easy to use in their design but now with the advent of tech, make sure that your earplugs have the necessary codec and specs installed which you are on the lookout for. The Bluetooth being the topmost of them.

Latency factor

As a friendly suggestion, dear readers do account for the latency factor as well, which is in layman terms the time of delay between the video and the audio behind it. While not that evident when listening or playing music but it becomes important when you’re playing video games or watching a movie.


Similar when buying the rest of sound-related gadgets price has always played a crucial aspect. One which you should keep in mind so you buy the earplugs which suit your budget and don’t get you worried.  The good news here is the fact that most of these earplugs are much cheaper in comparison to the overhead headphones so there’s a plus point for you. So, when purchasing from best brands such as U-ROK wireless earbuds and URIZONS for instance don’t forget this price factor.

Battery timings

Since we’re talking about wireless earplugs in this article keep your attention to this point as well. Due to the fact these earplugs are said to have a comparatively shorter battery life compared to the normal headphones. For that you just have to live with it and adjust accordingly keeping in mind your ear’s safety needs as well. While the normal big headphones can last over 20 hours if they are of a premium brand these earplugs can offer a decent 8 hours of uptime.

The earplugs are easily rechargeable through a normal USB cable. While the fully wireless earplugs have battery periods between 3-4 hours. Afterward they also definitely require powering up.

Keep in mind the NRR (Noise Reduction Ratio) of your earplugs

This point is often easy to be overlooked at and unfortunately it is since people don’t yet understand the full significance of it and later, they complain. When buying your earplugs please ask what NRR it is and what’s the basic recommendation you are buying for. So, make sure you get the one you wanted and not earplugs of some other rated NRR.

The NRR basically, minimizes the outside noise level with its advanced tech. Make sure that your hearing earplugs have a standard of 26DB so you can enjoy your music and videos undisturbed without some weird noises poking inside your ears. More on, if by some mistake you end up buying earplugs of lower NRR then it’s possible that you might damage your ears under some circumstances where there’s too much outside noise.

Our pick for the best earplugs: Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

These high protection earplugs have risen to fame recently due to their number of user-friendly uses. First off, Vibes earplugs protect your earplugs from high-level noises and decibels. So extremely recommended for noisy environments for similar reasons we discussed above. These earplugs have also one of the best noise cancellation filters installed ensuring a clear sound experience.

Secondly, these earplugs are practically invisible inside your ear once you wear them. Due to their glass-like color, and clear outer shells these silicon earbuds become nearly undetectable folks what’s cooler than that right? Moving on, Vibes also enables great clarity level music and helps you to communicate easily as well. Thus, also recommended for professional singers and theatre performances as well due to their high practicality and great noise-canceling feature.

These earplugs are highly suitable for someone like me who loves going to the concerts and don’t appreciate any unwanted noise ruining the experience so if you’re someone like me these are also the pick for you fellas. Plus, the vibes earplugs could be used easily for your entire band, filtering everything clearly, for night clubs even, dentists during low concentration surgeries, sports, motorcycle riders, and sports shows. You name it and Vibes will serve you phenomenally in that regard readers.

 Lastly, as somewhat obvious Vibes earplugs are also highly portable and thus ideal for your traveling needs. Even if it’s a railway track or an airport their noise-canceling feature will always have your ear’s back at the topmost priority. Hence, choose Vibes for yourself and also a perfect gift for your loved ones.


Well folks conclusively, that was all which we had for you under Earplugs. We hope we covered most of your queries and concerns related to the different types of earplugs available and the factors affecting their productiveness level. As always make a wise choice and make this blog your perfect guide when you’re out buying these earplugs. Till then goodbye!