The Top 6 Features Of A Taxi Mobile Application

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By John Wick

The development of an app like Uber seems to be a sensible move not only for businessmen but transport companies as well. Uber has inspired many entrepreneurs. The market of ride booking applications has never been as full and demanding as in these years. New applications keep coming up, inspired by Uber and its fabulous success, in the wish to grab a piece of a pie. High request for individual car rides makes businessmen think how to create app like uber and successfully launch it locally or even on the international market.

Here are 6 features that an app like Uber must have:

Payment In Cash And By Card

Cash Credit

Card payment would be made through a reader connected to the mobile phone. In this regard, the spokesperson explained that they have already carried out conversations with at least four companies that provide these services.

For the use of these services, the driver would pay a commission of 3.6 percent for each payment processed. The cost referred to cards as Uber does would not be considered for this application.

Taxi And Driver Data

taxi and driver

The application would provide the user with photographs of the driver and the car, as well as the license plates and model of the taxi.

Use of GPS

Use of GPS

Another feature of the application would be that, like its competitors, it would show the location on a GPS and notify the user about the proximity and arrival of the unit.

One of the representatives said that it would be the same organizations of taxi drivers who would provide the database. However, he pointed out that they have seen an inconvenience in this process that is that they would not have access to user data.



The application would be available for Android and iOS devices for free, both for taxi drivers and users. The only thing that would be reviewed would be that the taxi drivers comply with all the documents, among which he highlighted, the card, the magazine, the insurance, among others.

The operational cost of the application, said the representative, would be covered through the funds received by the commission officer through the fees paid by taxi drivers.

The Rates Would Not Be High

A representative explained that the rates stipulated by the Mobility Secretariat of the Federal District would not be high as of this application. The representative also noted that they have already held some talks with mobile phone operators. 



This is not entirely obvious, but the rating system makes a significant contribution to the quality of services provided by Uber. After the trip, the passenger and driver evaluate each other using the application:

If the driver rating falls below the required level, he will no longer be able to work with Uber. This provides a high level of service.

If a passenger does not comply with the terms of use of the service and does not show respect for drivers, his rating also falls, and fewer drivers will be happy to put him in their car.

How Much Does It Cost To Create App Like Uber?

cost to create app like Uber

It turns out that many customers are asking to recreate the application of a popular brand with the only difference being that it serves their own purposes. The presented price list and time spent on the implementation of the project are based on an analysis of thousands of projects that went through the service.

So, the minimum viable product (MVP) of the Uber clone app for iOS will cost approximately $25,000. The Android version will be cheaper and cost around $20,000. The development of the application will take at least 4 months.