The Importance of Technology in Academic Research

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By Kaleem Ullah

The most important reasons why you need to adopt technology in academic research and some of the most noticeable benefits that you are likely to gain from utilizing technology in the field.

There is no doubt that technology has revolutionized the education system. In the current generation, technology has played a vital role in students’ lives since it differentiates, motivates, and aids them in achieving and excelling in ways that were difficult in the past. According to researchers, computers, the internet, and other forms of technology, if used correctly, can invoke dreams into the minds of the students and lecturers who have the potential to change the traditional classroom environment. If individuals are not cautious, technology could act as a great source of distraction. Undoubtedly, most students often spend most of their time online; hence, sometimes, it is hard for them to realize they have wasted too much time until it is too late.

The government and ministry of education should devote more time to educating teachers and tutors on how technology can be used to improve learning, teaching, and overall student learning experience. Teachers should also be educated on how technology can be used effectively to create an equal opportunity for all scholars to succeed while adhering to the regulations and guidelines. Technological advancement has also made it easier for students to seek academic assistance whenever they have difficulty completing their assignments. For instance, companies such as Peachy Essay are willing to offer students educational aid at affordable rates. Therefore, as a student, if you have difficulty completing your assignments, you should never hesitate to seek help from the company. This article will discuss the importance of technology in academic research.

Technology facilitates communication

Some students have difficulty communicating with the lecturer for reasons best known to them. On the same note, other students are always reluctant to ask questions or seek clarification during the lecture session. Generally, you will have difficulty doing your research if you are never courageous enough to ask questions from the right people and places. The beauty of technology is that it has simplified the entire communication process, especially that one between students and lecturers. In the current generation, thanks to technology, if you have difficulty asking questions while in class or meeting up with the lecturer, you can always communicate with your tutor through emails or schedule a virtual meeting. Thanks to technology, students can easily liaise with their professors and ask questions or seek clarification whenever they have difficulty understanding anything. The entire research process will be easy once you have understood the lecturer’s instructions.

Technology makes it easier for students to access information

In the past, students had difficulty accessing the information on specific subjects. The library was the only place they could study comfortably and access information on any topic that interested them. If you were unlucky, you would not find the book you are searching for because a different student would be using it. Other times, you would have difficulty locating a specific book and hence would end up wasting too much time requesting the librarian to assist you in locating it.

Technology has revolutionized the entire student’s learning experience in the current generation since scholars have less difficulty accessing information. Currently, you do not have to limit yourself to the library environment to be able to complete your assignments. Provided you have a smartphone and a secure internet connection; you can access information on anything in the comfort of your room. Thanks to technology, students can complete their assignments even while in transit.

Technology helps students in the entire writing process

There are many reasons why students are always reluctant to complete their academic papers. Whereas some students state that the entire writing process is lengthy, tedious, and time-consuming, others often struggle to improve their writing skills regardless of how much they try. Therefore, as mentioned above, technology makes it easier for students to seek assistance from reputable custom writing companies. On the other hand, students struggling to write their thesis statements no longer have to worry since many writing tools can assist them in writing their thesis statement within a short duration.

The beauty of these tools is that most are free; hence, students do not have to incur extra costs to use them. In addition, scholars struggling to deliver plagiarism-free papers can use plagiarism checker tools to ensure their academic papers are free from plagiarism before they submit them to the lecturer for grading. Therefore, students can devote more time to doing research work since they neither have to worry about developing quality thesis statements or submitting plagiarized papers.

Students have fewer chances of losing their research papers

Thanks to technology, students can write their assignments using sites such as Google Docs without worrying if they have saved their work or not. The beauty of using Google Docs is that your information is saved automatically after each second you type anything. While in college, I used to write my dissertation and research papers using desktop computers. Unfortunately, I would be forced to restart writing my entire research paper whenever there was a power shortage or my computer accidentally switched off. Therefore, thanks to Google Docs, you do not have to worry that you will lose the progress you made in your paper if your computer goes off while you have not saved your work.

Technology makes it easier for students to edit and proofread their work

Different people have varying abilities. Whereas some students can write faster using a pen and paper, others have a fast-typing speed. Most students I have interacted with, state that they have less difficulty completing their academic papers when they type in their work. All in all, in the current generation, many tools could help students in editing and proofreading their work. Therefore, students can devote more time to performing in-depth research for their assignments and organizing their thoughts without worrying about editing and proofreading.

In conclusion, technology has indeed revolutionized the entire student’s learning experience. Therefore, students should take advantage of the tools and other studying resources that are at their disposal.