The Honest Wasp’s Guide to Pest Control

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By Kaleem Ullah

A wasp can be an unwelcome guest in your home, but don’t think that you can get rid of it yourself or simply ignore it – doing so will only make the situation worse. For proper pest control advice and effective treatment options, turn to Honest Wasp PestZone Pest Control today! Honest Wasp has been protecting homeowners against wasps and other pests in Nid de Guepes, France, since 2011. We use the most advanced methods available to eliminate both nuisance and harmful insects without toxic chemicals, giving you peace of mind.

Stinging Insect Control Services

The pest control honest wasp is here to prevent any future wasp or yellow jacket colony by removing all its nectar and pollen for use as food for your young. Get rid of those pesky pests once and for all. It’s time to be a good neighbor! We are on call 24/7 for emergency service! Call us today at 888-985-0392!

A few weeks ago, I got stung by a wasp in my kitchen while making dinner. It wasn’t a serious sting, but it did leave me with a few red bumps on my arm that lasted about three days. That little incident left me thinking: If only there were an easy way to keep them away from our homes and away from me personally…But then I realized that they live in colonies—there’s probably more than one of them living nearby! How do you get rid of these? destruction nid de guepes 91

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches can ruin your health and ruin your home. A pack of roaches has roughly as many brains as a rat, which means they are little more than bugs on two legs that run away when you turn on a light. They destroy wood in your house, leaving it very easy for mold to grow and they can spread disease with their droppings and contaminated food. Cockroaches lay up to 48 eggs at once, which is more than any other known insect. That being said, it may seem impossible to eradicate them completely; however there are several steps you can take that will make it much easier.

Termite Prevention and Damage Repair

Termites eat wood, and an infestation can quickly destroy a home. Prevention is key; you should have your home inspected every year or two. If your house has wood siding, you may want to opt for a more frequent inspection schedule. If termites are detected early on, there are methods of pest control honest wasp (like freezing) that won’t cost you as much as fumigation would. After all, pest control honest wasp is no joke when it comes to damage repair! destruction nid de guepes 91

Prepackaged Pest Control Packages

These are great if you can get your hands on them. Prepackaged kits make pest control relatively painless, providing an instant solution for a wide range of insects without needing any special know-how. The major downside is that these aren’t available everywhere, and might require a little more investigation to track down. But, if you’re in New York City, Insects Begone! is one of just two companies with federal approval to sell prepackaged kits (the other being Rentokil). These prepackaged pest control products use insect growth regulators (IGRs) that cause immature insects in infested areas—like larvae and pupae—to molt into nonviable forms.