Tesla Model 3 Review

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By John Wick

Elon Musk is currently doing well. With the definite success of the Tesla Model S, the brand launched the Model X with spaceship doors. However, the Model X received diverse reviews from the media. Nevertheless, that did not stop the maker and now they have launched their latest electric automobile called the Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is the car Tesla believes will increase its sales volume and reach a broader customer base. In other words, Tesla has bet a lot on the Model 3 to attain profitability for the brand.

The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla to be made. With the price tag of just $46,440, the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive will give you a range of 491 kilometers. That is a big number considering it is an all-electric car. Is capable of reaching from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 6.1 seconds. And if that’s not enough for you can try the Long Range model that would offer a drive range of 614 kilometer, thanks to the Dual Motor All-Wheel drive.

Like all the other Teslas, the Model 3 carries its battery underneath the floor, resulting in a low center of gravity. This helps it change direction swiftly and feel lodged and stable in corners. The steering is accurate and well biased, with three different settings that adjust the level of steering power. The ride is stable without being harsh; without the sound of a gas-powered engine, yet, you would hear plenty of noise inside the cabin as the tires strike and hum over pavement flawlessly.

The company says the Tesla Supercharger network will also increase in size and will be double in units by the time the Model 3 arrives in the market. As per Elon Musk, the baby Tesla will be delivered to consumers in 2017.

Therefore, in order to achieve that very goal, Musk unveiled the eagerly anticipated and awaited Tesla Model 3 in 2016. The Model 3 will now become the entry point into going fully electric with Tesla and is categorized as a premium mid-size sedan. The Model 3 shares quite a bit of its architecture with the upcoming Model Y, and depending on the market that it is sold in, would be available in various output and range combinations. In the UAE, the Tesla Model 3 is sold in all trims and finds itself in the midst of other offerings such as the Renault Zoe in terms of its EV status and the Mercedes-AMG A45 in terms of its price and performance.


The Model 3 seats five passengers and instead of having the 17-inch portrait screen like other Teslas, this one has a 15-inch landscape screen. The Tesla Model 3 was well received by consumers as the number of reservations exceed 115,000 in 24 hours and then reached 180,000 after 24 hours.

Interior Space

The interior space of the Tesla Model 3 has been specifically designed keeping simplicity in mind. This cockpit sure is lacking of any visual chaos or distraction, with much of the everyday tasks and functions of the car being incorporated into the 15.4-inch touchscreen multimedia head unit. Apart from the high-definition display and the steering wheel, there really isn’t much for the rest of the car to do, you would love this if you are all about the elegant and simple design. Build quality is good, but nothing special.

However, there is plenty of space in this cabin, save for the rear where the sloped roof cuts into the headroom. Some of the Model 3’s features include adaptive headlamps, leather upholstery, head-up display, voice command and live navigation, automatic climate control, online Apps and social media connectivity, and live camera feed with 360-degree parking assist.

If you are in the market for a used Tesla Model 3, usually used Tesla car prices would go between $30,000 to $80,000, with higher price generally being for performance trims and models with Autopilot. Also when you want to buy a used Tesla Model 3 pay attention to the mileage, because a high mileage car would indicate that the battery life might be decreased but that would be the case for 2020 used Tesla models and later. If you notice that a used Model 3 price can go for a lot more than a new one then you are not alone. The price has increased rapidly in the past years.