Ten tips on choosing the right writing service

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By John Wick

  1. Social Proof

If you find an appealing essay writing service website, check its profiles on social media. It is more likely that you can trust a website with at least one Instagram or Facebook page. Regular activity on these pages is the best indicator. You can also trust the assignment help service if you see positive reviews in the comments and there is a regular activity.

  1. They display essay samples

Do you order clothes without checking their photos? So how do you order paper without knowing the quality? It’s risky. For example, some services can offer independent reviews, like the one provided this Nerdify review. Despite the reviewed service being overall honest, the quality of writing is poor. So that’s why they have to have samples of writing. You’re right to skip writing companies that don’t show any sample essays written by their writers. For sure, essay samples should not be posted on the website. Ask the customer manager for them. If you are satisfied with the essay samples and their quality, it’s a great custom writing service.

  1. Unlimited revisions feature

Many websites that offer essay writing services mention that there are a set number of revisions you may request from your writer after you receive the final piece. Many students refuse to use this service as they believe that low-quality papers are the norm if they offer a revision option. This is absurd! There is no way anyone can follow all instructions. Free revision allows you to correct any errors and make your paper look as it should.

  1. You get a welcome discount

It can take a lot of effort to choose a writing company. It is a good sign that they offer a discount. This is a sign that they value their customers and will offer more discounts in the future. You can have your essay written at a lower price.

  1. Writing website maintains a blog

Trust is more likely to be earned by websites that include articles about how to write essays and other useful blog posts. This logic is straightforward: If they have written many articles about essay writing procedures, then they are really good at it. You don’t need to worry about how the paper will turn out.

  1. The company has been in the market for 2+ years

It is also essential to know how long the company has provided writing services. Check the company’s website to see if they have any information about when they started work. You can usually rely on a company that has been in business for at least 2 years.

  1. Writers use sources that your institution accepts

Your essay should be unique. It is important to find credible sources that can support your arguments in the essay. You should find out which sources the company uses to conduct research. This question can be posed to the support manager. You can order assignment help if they use the same sources that your professor recommends.

  1. 24 Hours customer support 

Professional services should not only provide unique papers of exceptional quality. Their potential customers and current clients should be able to get clear answers to all their questions. Many students who order essays online from writing companies require their papers to be completed quickly. It is crucial to promptly respond to all customers and to follow the golden rules of customer support.

  1. Reliable companies won’t overrate their services

“We’re the best essay writing service around. We have top-notch writers who will write papers in an hour and that guarantee you an A+.”

How many titles contain the same message? We bet, dozens! Websites that are truly great at writing will not claim to be the best. You can prove it with numbers: how many orders they fulfill in a given day, how many clients they have assisted over the past year, month, etc. Services, please don’t be self-promotional, but show facts!

  1. They offer a referral program

A writing website that is highly in demand will grow its business. Gradually they will be able to offer their clients more discounts. While welcome discounts are great, discounts to attract new clients are better and more profitable. A company offering a discount to a new client who visits their site through the referral link shows that they value their clients and are open to special offers. This makes it more enjoyable to work with such companies. This is why we offer a promotional killer papers discount in this article for our readers!