Minar-e-Pakistan incident: Important revelations in the medical report of the victim girl

ayesha akram medical report

A medical report on the case of torture and harassment of a girl in Minar-e-Pakistan confirmed several marks on the body of the victim. The medical report of Ayesha Akram, a girl who was raped and tortured by 400 accused in Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan, has revealed that Ayesha has dozens of scratches and clear marks on … Read more

Who is Ayesha Akram and what actually happened at Minar-e-Pakistan?

Ayesha Akram Viral Video

Ayesha Akram was making a video for her TikTok account with her team of 7 members at Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park near Minar-e-Pakistan on Pakistan Independence Day. During the filming of the TikTok video, this incident took place and the girl (Ayesha Akram) was sexually harassed and stripped by a group of 300 to 400 … Read more