Surprise Your Loved One With the Best Jewelry This Valentine’s Day

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By John Wick

The month to celebrate love and express gratitude for the people in our lives, February is the time to think about gifts for our special ones. With so many traditional gift choices in the market, one wants to find something unique, and we know for sure that jewelry is so dear to women. A jewelry piece from her partner can instantly lighten up a woman’s mood. And if you are having a tough time looking for the perfect jewelry piece for your love, in this blog, I have shared significant insights on what accessories you can go for without thinking twice. 

The Elegant Jewelry:

If your partner loves sophisticated accessories, you can go for plain silver jewelry. Silver has been in trend for quite a long time. It is a lightweight metal that looks modern and stylish. It is antimicrobial, which means it is good for the skin. It also keeps the flu and infections away from the body. What else, the precious metal is even light on the pocket. Go for jewelry made in 925 sterling silver. Rananjay Exports has a fantastic collection of plain jewelry in 925 sterling silver. 

Then some gemstones have a perfect delicate appeal. Moonstones have the ideal minimalist appeal. Moonstone pendants look classy and are considered for everyday accessories. 

One For The Royal Touch

The royal essence of pearls is unmatched. The royal ancestors admired it for the lovely sheen. A large size pearl ring looks exquisite with almost every outfit. Surprise them with their favorite color, pearl accessory.

The Symbolical Gemstones:

Gems are famous for numerous reasons, and one of them is they are symbols of life-enhancing values. There are crystals that are specially dedicated to love. Garnet jewelry, for example, is reserved for couples as the red color of the stone symbolizes commitment in love. It also stands for passion. Moonstones also stand for passion and unconditional love.

The spiritual gems are also in demand. If you are a retailer, then you need to have these in your collection. What’s better than wishing your partner good life with a gemstone that can work for them? You can go for Moldavite jewelry. The gem is famous for its extra-terrestrial formation and numerous healing benefits. If your partner is stuck due to unresolved past feelings, then gift them a Moldavite pendant or a nice set of Moldavite earrings and pendant. The lush green color is soothing for the eyes, known to promote growth in life. This stone will especially be helpful in having fulfilling relationships in life and will make the bond with your partner strong.

Libyan Desert Glass is also going popular these days for its magical properties. The gem saves the wearer from harmful energies. In addition, the powerful aura of the gemstone also helps in spiritual awakening. Give your partner the best in the form of Libyan Desert Glass jewelry.

The Jewelry to Add Glamour

Opal accessories are extraordinary beauty that is a must-have for any collection. The unique charm of this gemstone will surely melt your loved one’s heart. It has a glittery effect and color patterns that make the gem attractive. Paired with any monotone dress, Opal jewelry has that ravishing look enough to make heads turn. This one will become their personal favorite.

Turquoise jewelry also has a unique charm that can create a statement appeal. Large size Turquoise rings are always in demand for their exquisite look. You will find vintage and modern designs in the gemstone rings. 

The Rarest Jewelry

When we talk about jewelry not owned by many, we instantly want to buy its exclusivity. Larimar jewelry is one such gorgeous beauty. Found in just one part of the Earth, the rare gem has many admirers. The gemstone has a refreshing blue color with white flecks. The patterns on the crystal give a perfect look of the skies or sunshine on the surface of the water. The alluring beauty looks good in silver. Larimar earrings can be a good gift option for this Valentine.

How to Take Special Care of The Accessories?

Since jewelry has been a one-time investment for a long time, one must be careful to maintain it. If you are to store your jewelry for some time, make sure to keep it in a jewelry box lined with cloth. Even if you take your jewelry off for some time, for example, while taking a bath, make sure you have a designated place for it. When you are storing opal accessories for some time, please place them in cotton with a few drops of water. 

For cleaning the accessories, make sure to use a mild soap and not harsh chemicals. Room temperature water will do the work. Don’t soak your jewelry in hot boiling water. But if you are not confident to clean it at home, you can give it to your nearby jewelers to do it professionally.

The Reliable Place For Exclusive Genuine Jewelry

Rananjay Exports deals in quality wholesale gemstone jewelry crafted in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. They have been in the jewelry business for almost a decade. Their jewelry is non-allergenic and designed following the quality standards. You can earn rewards and benefits when you shop from them.

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