Steps to buy the perfect body shapewear

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By Kaleem Ullah


Often women are confused when it comes to shopping for shapewear. They don’t have a good guide to follow with regards to it. Here is a list of steps compiled for you to follow when buying shapewear

Consider shapewear according to your needs

If you have just got out of surgery or want to buy shapewear for your post-delivery surgery, you should choose post-partum or post-op shapewear. However, if you have a belly bulge and want to cinch it and sculpt your body, choosing the best shapewear for tummy and waist is ideal. There are everyday shapewear garments that can be worn for daily use. Once you are clear about your purpose, you can make a good selection.

Take complete measurements

Use a measuring tape and measure your hips and waist.

Opt for a good compression

Regardless of who you are, you cannot wear a garment if it is uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortably making faces, it means it’s too much compression for you to handle. Hence, choosing a light or medium-level compression for your daily life is important. Choose high compression only for special events when you need to look your best. And for the rest of the days, simple smoothing is recommended, and cinching is recommended with the help of a waist trainer vest or a shaping camisole.

Daily shapewear

To find the right sizing for you, you just need to look at the measuring chart related to the shapewear you want to buy. For instance, if you have a size 30-inch hips 36-inch waist, you have to look into the size chart showcasing that size and then order.

Place your order

If you have found the right measurement garment for you, depending on your body size, type, and requirement, then it’s time to place the order for it on If you are buying shapewear for the first time, then you should order just one or two of these to know whether the particular type fits you or not and if you have ordered the right size.

Try it on once delivered

If you have bought the shapewear using the measuring chart available on the website, it will fit you appropriately. It may be tough to put on shapewear when wearing it for the first time. However, it will get simpler as you get familiar with wearing it with time. The only tough time you can have when wearing shapewear is when you get the wrong size. Hence, make sure you have ordered the right shapewear to get an ideal fit.


Put on your shapewear to achieve a sculpted, curvy look and see the transformation.

Purchase super shapers for special events

Fitting into specific dresses and pantsuits sometimes may need super compression. Hence, you can get waist trainers and super control bodysuits for it. You can also choose a waist trainer vest to get a complete transformation and full-body compression. It supports your back and provides coverage too. So, put on your best dress and look your best by selecting the best shapewear for you.

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