Common Mistakes to avoid on Node.js

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By John Wick

Web development is a popular sector and web developers are in huge demand by the technological industry. Developers use various frameworks and software to successfully do their job. Nodejs is one such framework.

In a Javascript runtime environment, Node Js is a library or framework that executes Javascript code and runs on the Chrome V8 engine. Developers use Javascript for server-side scripting and writing command tools through various functions and methods available on Node.js Console and libraries. Node Js helps developers in production of content on dynamic web pages. These are then directly sent to the user’s web browser. Node js is an environment that is  open-source and cross-platform and is extremely efficient and lightweight. Aided by an event-driven architecture, Node.js helps to detect, produce, react, and consume events. Due to the many benefits provided by the framework, it is used widely by developers but there are certain mistakes they tend to make. 

  • Event-loop blocking-

A single-threaded environment, parallel running of different sections of an application on Node.js is forbidden. CPU binding code like long loops and large arrays slow down the application which must be avoided at all costs for the smooth functioning of the application. Certain methods solve this problem with smaller arrays or loops but will deteriorate performance for bigger ones with multiple connected clients. The best solution to that problem is to face each issue individually so that the CPU is not overwhelmed by the concurrent functions.

  • Not using the consoles-

Node provides users with various Node.js consoles which is a console that is similar to JavaScript consoles. It is a global object that is used as a debugging console and to print various levels of messages like errors, information, warnings, etc. There are various methods that have different functions like getting the starting time of an action, clear console history, counting how many times a label has been called, etc. These global methods can be very beneficial and make the work easy but developers might often ignore them.

  • Testing-

Testing an application is extremely necessary before it is delivered to the client. If the application contains bugs, it might cost the clients thousands of dollars. Many developers tend to ignore such an important part and often deliver apps with just manual testing. These types of testing are prone to error and writing tests that are automatic and cover all the areas covered by your application is very important and cannot be avoided if one wants to do their job properly.

  • Supervisor program-

Having a supervisor program monitor your application can be quite beneficial, even if the application seems to be running smoothly in local environments. These programs ensure that developing on Node is pleasant since they help restart programs if they cash or if certain files change. Various programs like forever, nodemon, pm2, etc. are available for Node and should be chosen based on the necessities and comfort of the developer. 

Even though Node is a very adaptable framework, if these mistakes are made, working on it can be frustrating. They can cause significant damage to and must be avoided. 


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