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Spring Cleaning Tips And Checklist – Things Everyone Should Know

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You can familiarize yourself with the best spring cleaning checklist for your home or office etc. Tackle every area of your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Here is an ultimate checklist of spring cleaning.

Every Room

  • Dust blinds
  • Shine and dust overhead lights and replace damaged bulbs
  • Wash vents and vacuum
  • Dust vacuum lamps shades and light lights
  • Wash windows from inside and outside
  • Window treatment wash such as drapes
  • Wash door ceilings, doors, walls, window sills, and baseboards


  • Move fridge and vacuum the area behind it
  • Wash cabinets of the kitchen
  • Deep cleaning of the oven
  • Clean the pantry
  • Deep clean the fridge from inside and outside
  • Vacuum the coils on the fridge

Living Room

  • Dust fixtures and furniture
  • Vacuum all shades of the lamp
  • Wash blankets and all pillows deeply or steam
  • Polish and dust the whole furniture
  • Clean all Upholstery
  • Dust or wash any frames, decorative items, and mirrors.
  • Shampoo and vacuum carpets – wax and mop if needed


  • Flip mattress, pillows
  • Wash bed sheets
  • Wash the whole bed and throw pillows.
  • Rid off everything under the bed


  • Sweep back deck and front porch
  • Check the expiry date of the fire extinguisher
  • Preserve all winter items, decorations, and clothes.
  • Change carbon monoxide detector and batteries in smoke
  • Check every electronic and be sure about the plug-in, entangled chords, and everything is protected by the surge protector.


  • wash bath mats
  • Wash or replace shower curtains and shower liners
  • Disinfect and clean shower and tub
  • Clean and replace decorative items


  • Discard expired and old makeup and clean the makeup holders
  • Update your house aid kits timely.
  • Donate your unwanted clothes
  • Dry clean winters clothes and store them for next year

Here is some more detailed information on the spring cleaning checklist. And you can also get window cleaning services.

Cleaning Every Room

Every Room has baseboards and the most dominant area of the home. If you can’t clean it – it looks dirty and grimy. You will clean every wall of baseboards. You have to be sure what kind of paint is best for the wall. Quality also matters in this case because it comes off the dirt easily.

Drapes and curtains may make the room in the house pop. you are also capable of collecting dust and filth. A spring cleaning will freshen them up nicely. But don’t stop at the draperies and curtains. Your blinds, like your curtains, accumulate a lot of dust, as well as pet fur and dander.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Clean and shiny cabinets may make your kitchen perfect. The oil slicks which may make your cabinets are a composite of kitchen grease, food smears, oil, and lotion. All-purpose cleaners aren’t always up to the task. Before you turn on your self-cleaning oven, there are a few things you should know.

Cleaning the Living Room

Clean your fashionable sofa deeply with cozy. However, spills may occur from time to time, and filth and dust will accumulate. That’s why you’ll need to understand how to clean it correctly.