Split Solar Street Light: Economical & Eco-friendly Commercial & Residential lighting option

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By John Wick

Solar LED lights are presently giving traditional halogen and fluorescent lamps stiff competition. The reason is that it helps save precious energy that is otherwise lost with traditional lamps. Thus, by installing solar LED lights on the streets and parking lots, people can now save ample money on their monthly electric bills. The reputed solar street light manufacturer does offer lots of options to choose from at affordable rates.

Use of solar lights

Solar-led street light does find great use. Solar bulbs use the sun’s energy to light up the external and internal parts of any home, factory, commercial complex, offices, traffic areas, car parking lots, streets, and other busy places. A major advantage derived from its investment is that it helps save precious energy, especially during festival seasons. This is the time, when energy consumed is very high.

The other benefit offered by solar lamps and bulbs is of being eco-friendly products. They do not emit any type of harmful substances or gases that might otherwise pollute the environment unlike that of traditional lights. Hence, the demand for solar light-emitting diodes is increasing rapidly among offices and residences.


Solar lighting products are comprised of photovoltaic cells or solar panels to trap the energy of the sun. This, in turn, converts the sun’s energy to that of electricity to be used. After sunset, solar lights captured by the panels throughout the day are converted automatically by the inbuilt sensor. It is done from energy stored within the rechargeable battery. Solar panels are considered to be durable while delivering power even in adverse weather conditions. At, you can find them in different shapes and sizes. Lighting products can be selected based on lighting needs, application, and site locale.

Solar-powered street lights

Basic features

Solar-powered street lights can be used in different areas and are not just restricted to streets. Even highly secured places can be installed with such lights including parking lots. These lights do make ideal solutions for street lighting and are cheap when it comes to consuming electricity. With each light is provided a rechargeable battery that gets charged during the daytime as the rays of the sun fall on solar panels. Split Solar Street Light requires very little maintenance while offering better performance and can last for a long time. They do consume less energy, can be installed effortlessly without excavating or damaging roads or pavements. They can be easily found in beautiful shapes and designs while being termed as economical to fluorescent lights.

Split-type solar street lights generally are designed with auto motion sensors and photosensors. They can be just about anywhere be it a residence, commercial complex, offices, or on streets. Solar bulbs tend to emit a similar light amount to that of any standard electricity-powered lighting system. Hence, the light quality is not needed to be compromised upon its installation.

The truth is 100w Split Solar Street Light does offer numerous benefits something that you need to be aware of before buying.