Some Tips For Developing a Soccer Academy in Your Club

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Developing an academy for soccer is not complicated in itself. You just have to create a logo, say it’s an academy, have a coach who teaches, and its good… you have an academy. Unfortunately, this is what a large majority of sports clubs think, claiming to call themselves “academy”…

But concretely, a soccer academy is much more than that! This is something that must be superior to classical education and we will see that in this article.

Tip 1: Have a team of coaches

A teacher is normal for a club. But a team is quite another thing. In a team, there are always coaches more competent than others, more pedagogical, more professional, older, more motivated… and this is what will create the quality of your academy. At first, as a leader, you will discover competition between your coaches. Keep an eye on this competition so that it remains healthy. This will force your coaches to train and offer quality courses in order to stand out from each other.

Secondly, you will offer a diversity education that will correspond to all athlete profiles. Each coach is unique, having a different approach, you will realize that when you define a theme, the exercises will be completely different.

Thirdly, the coaches will learn and grow as a team because everyone will innovate, test, and share their ideas with others. In addition, they will also copy and adapt certain exercises that will allow them to pull themselves up and thus, pull up your academy. Nus advise you to create training meetings with your coaches to discuss pedagogy!

Tip 2: Develop an academy by creating a structure

To develop an academy, you must structure it with an organization validated by the club manager and coaches. You must check that the whole team agrees on the different slots offered, the agreements between the coaches and the club management in terms of salary or hire, and also according to the availability of the coaches.

Structuring your academy starts with posting the different training slots. Each athlete and each athlete must be able to find a group of their level and be able to register there. You can also offer once a month a time slot to test athletes in order to better integrate them into a group.

Your academy must also display the different dates of your internships so that your clients and those outsides can schedule to block their weekend or a week of vacation to come and participate.

Once this is in place, the coaches will be able to place their private lessons.

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Tip 3: A common but personalized program

Establishing a common program will have the benefit of offering the same teaching themes to collective groups. If Madame is a great sportswoman and Monsieur a beginner, despite the fact that they are not in the same group, will have to train on the same theme.

For example, the month of January is devoted to regularity, the month of February to speed…

On the other hand, is a major subject such as regularity, the coaches will have to make personalized contributions to each athlete.

Tip 4: Communicate with the right target

Now that you have determined the objectives of your academy, that your management tools are in place, it is time to communicate, and for that, a nice Facebook ad could be a good solution

The huge advantage of a Facebook ad is that you can target people interested in your discipline, including an age group, and you can even decide to display your ad only in a specific geographic area!

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Let’s take an example: You develop a soccer academy

You can advertise people who like Facebook soccer pages, who are between 30 and 60 years old, and who live in your related areas. This way, you will truly target your customers and it will be much easier to attract them to your academy.

Tip 5: Offer a unique experience

Developing an academy also means offering a unique experience to your customers. When they arrive, you can provide a personalized gift such as a towel with your logo, a cap, a wrist… When they leave, you can also offer them a souvenir such as a diploma, a report of their internship to send to their coach. … Or a simple Academy t-shirt.

The good thing about the T-shirt is that your student will put it on often and it will give you a huge promotion for your academy.