SMOK Nfix Mate Kit Review

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The SMOK Nfix-Mate is the newest addition to the Nfix series, equipped with optimized size, battery, brand new pods, and a firing mechanism. There has been a change in the appearance of the SMOK Nfix Mate Kit to make it more portable, and, hence it is now available in a compact rectangular box.

The kit comes along with two pods with different coil structures, boasting of 3 ml. There is a side filling port on each pod to access other flavored liquids to have new experiences. The kit also includes two sanitary caps with lanyards. Once the sanitary cap is worn, no amount of dust or other impurities will affect the dripper; hence, one can use it with no inhibitions.

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The SMOK Nfix-Mate Kit is available in the following colors: Silver, Grey, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver- Blue, and 7 – Color.


  • Among its features, the ones that strike out are that it has a battery life of 1100mAh along with a variable wattage of 1W-25W.
  • Depending on your taste, you can change the power level by clicking or with a long press on the power button.
  • Moreover, it gets 100% charged within 90 minutes, using the Type-C Port Charging.
  • It also has a display of 0.69 inch OLED
  • It has five protections to ensure a reliable and fun vaping experience.


  • It boasts of some delicious flavors and is completely leak-free.
  • The build quality is such that it will definitely draw your liking.
  • With the Type- C Port Charging, it charges really fast.
  • It is economical and does not burn a hole in the pocket.
  • It is portable owing to the change in the shape and appearance of the vape.
  • It had a recommendable variable wattage.
  • It can be easily used; hence an amateur won’t find it challenging to get it working.
  • Promises and delivers an excellent vaping experience.


  • It has tiny internal batteries.
  • The coils can’t be replaced; hence, you are stuck if some issue occurs with the coils.
  • The battery indicator is on a tiny screen; hence you need to stress on the screen to look at it, which causes pressure on your eyes.
  • Although it is marketed as a true MTL, yet it has a loose MTL.
  • The replacement pods are not very cheap; hence you might need to think twice before buying it.


The pros exceed the cons, so one can say that this vape kit is worth investing in. It provides some great flavors with vape juice and thus delivers a great vaping experience. It also charges within 90 minutes, which means it won’t keep you waiting for long. However, the primary issue is with the coils, which cannot be replaced, and the pods, which, even though they are replaceable, will make you think before investing since they are high priced.

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While experiences may vary from person to person, you can only know how your experience will be when you go ahead and try it out!