Six effective tips to select the perfect eyelash packaging

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By John Wick

You may have noticed your friends having beautiful eyelashes. What you might not be aware of is the fact it could be natural or even artificial. There have emerged numerous lash vendors in the market offering top quality, affordable, and premium mink lashes to suit all faces. False lashes when carefully selected can help make your eyes become more prominent. However, beginners can have a hard time trying to select the perfect ones if shopping for the first time. Following some tips will do a world of good and make the selection process easy and quick.

perfect eyelash packaging

Tips to follow

  • Eye shape: Before starting your search for the perfect eyelash, you need to first consider your eye shape. Choose a product from that is based on the type of eye shape you have.
  • Choose only quality lashes from reputed eyelash vendors: False lashes are created from synthetic fur or real mink. The ones available at the local drugstore are created from plastic fibres. They tend to have fake appearances and hence, are cheap. But they will not last long. However, the lashes made from real mink fur can provide you with a realistic look. It will also be perfect over your natural lashes and you will not face any problems. It can be used repeatedly. However, they are a bit costly when compared to the synthetic version.
  • Practice applying: Applying falsies does take lots of practice. Hence, determine first the technique that offers the very best results. You may use a special device, fingers, or tweezers for applying lashes. Choose a method that you feel convenient with. Checking out the websites of the leading mink lash vendors can give you some idea.
  • Trim lashes depending on your eye shape: Whatever be your eye shape, it will be wise to size your false eyelash. The eyelash packaging will come with some instructions that you need to follow stringently to make the most of the product and enhance your beauty. You may trim them with scissors. Avoid applying them as it is since it will not appear good. Remember, not all eyes are the same in shape or size. The experienced mink lash vendors know that an extremely long or short one is not likely to suit all eyes. Hence, you need to rest the false lash along your existing lash line to ensure the best fit. The lash, ideally, is to start past your natural lash’s inner corner. This way, your eyes will not experience any irritation.
  • Mascara or Eyeliner: Following the tips offered by the expert lash vendors, you cannot go wrong when trying to derive that natural or dramatic look. Apply eyeliner to your inner corner. Then apply false lashes accompanied by eyeliner application on the lash band. Apply some mascara to a false lash foundation and brush upwards without much pressure.
  • Remove lashes: It should be done carefully to avoid ripping the lashes. Use coconut oil or any makeup remover soaked in a cotton pad. Apply over the eyes for a few seconds to loosen the glue and peel off the lashes easily. To use it again, simply eliminate excess glue.

With some research, you can get quality mink lashes wholesale.