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SEO Service vs. PPC Campaign: When To Use Which Strategy?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Most business owners understand they must do some form of online marketing to succeed. But sometimes, deciding which marketing strategy to use can be tough.

Do you invest in an SEO Service to help you rank higher in search engine results pages? Or should you launch a PPC campaign and start driving traffic to your website immediately?

In this post, we’ll break down the differences between SEO and PPC and help you decide which strategy is right for your business.

When To Use An SEO Service?

With SEO, you can make your website more visible in the major search engines. Statistics show that 80% of traffic can be generated from search engines if your website makes it to the first page in major rankings!

Here is a list of specific times when it is beneficial to use an SEO Service:

When You Desire Consistent Results:

SEO is a long-winded process and not an easy task. Getting on the first page of search engine results won’t happen overnight or even in one week. It will take time and effort for your business or website’s SEO efforts to work, but it can be done!

Once you have a high-quality website, it can attract traffic worldwide. The more time and effort goes into SEO for your site, the longer this sustained reach will be. Maintaining and improving your SEO campaign will help you stay on top of the search engine rankings. This way, you can get more traffic and exposure to your website!

When You Want To Build Your Brand Authority:

An authority website is an established resource center that can be trusted to provide legitimate information/content for a distinct niche. An authoritative website is more likely to receive a lot of traffic based on how well-known it seems and how much people trust it.

The first step to establishing an authoritative website is by sustainably generating traffic. This can be done by structuring on-page SEO factors, optimizing your pages for search engines, clever content, smart SEO planning, etc.

Once you have built up some momentum with visitors coming from Google daily via organic searches, it’s time to begin creating backlinks too. This forms a reputation that ultimately leads to popularizing your site among competitors in its market niche or industry category.

When You Are Looking To Increase Your Site Value:

Websites are like real estate because they can be sold for a premium price. Therefore, you should increase its value if you plan on selling your website because people will pay more money than what it was originally worth.

The factors that contribute to increasing the value of your website are many and varied. These factors include the traffic generated, consistency, and page rank over time. They all fall under the job of an SEO Service provider.

When To Use A PPC Campaign?

The best way to get your message in front of people is by paying per click advertising. Therefore, only the most relevant ads show up when you bid on keywords.

Here is a list of specific times when it is beneficial to use a PPC campaign:

When You Desire Immediate Results:

The power of PPC is that it can deliver results very fast. So you’ll be able to see those visitors coming in almost instantly because your ads will go live as soon as they’re approved!

This means you could use this strategy for product launches, affiliate marketing with high-converting offers, joint venture projects, seasonal promotions, event-focused marketing, squeeze pages or any other time when speediness matters.

When You Want Hyper-Targeted Traffic:

The power of PPC marketing is that you can narrow down your prospects based on their demographic data. Many platforms, like social media sites, allow for targeting people in specific age ranges or by gender; this makes it possible to be more targeted than traditional SEO practices, which often have broad brushes with no focal point.

When Marketing For Time-Sensitive Offers:

As aforementioned, it takes time for an SEO Service to produce results. But when you need quick exposure and traffic, there is no better option than a PPC campaign!

When Your Site Isn’t Designed For SEO:

To succeed in SEO, your website needs to be regularly updated with fresh content. This way, you can inform the search engines that it’s relevant and remind them of its listing at the top. However, if there isn’t enough content to optimize for SEO, then you need a PPC campaign to give your site page the exposure it deserves!

When You Want To Be At The Top Of Your Keyword Category SERPs:

If you’re serious about maximizing your click-share of available searches for keywords relevant to the business, PPC is a must! It can offer 50% more than organic results while being affordable and effective.


So, which strategy should you use? SEO service is a great option if you’re looking for consistent results to help build your brand authority and increase your site value long-term. But if you need immediate results or are targeting hyper-specific traffic, a PPC campaign may be the better choice.

No matter what you decide, our SEO Service can help ensure your website gets the attention it deserves and generates ROI for your business.