Searching for an Enrolled Agent near You is Now Effortless and Easy with Expert Help

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Anywhere in the US, finding an enrolled agent near you has been made easy and effortless through the help of professional agencies like “Ageras” that has years of experience in helping clients get the best accounting & tax professionals, all around the country. Yes, this is one agency that has carved out a distinct niche in helping all small to midsize business entities get the right choice CPAs, personal tax accountants, auditors, bookkeepers, tax preparers and enrolled agents for a diverse range of accounting related tasks.

And, if you’re looking for Enrolled Agents (EAs) for your company, “Ageras” can well be the right choice partner in helping you find a certified, licensed and qualified enrolled agent that can take care of all your corporate and personal tax law related woes in an efficient manner. So, any matters or issues related to taxation, EAs are the certified professionals to hire to get the problem solved in a seamless way.

Who Are Enrolled Agents?

Enrolled Agents (EAs) are considered to be tax law experts, as they possess an extensive know-how about the wide range of individual and corporate taxes. In order to be certified as an enrolled agent, they must successfully pass a rigorous test administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that takes into account all aspects of taxation. In fact, they also undergo a background check, performed by the IRS department, as they are the only professionals holding a federal license and are fully authorized to represent their clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Their license is valid across the United States.

As tax laws are quite complex and cumbersome here in the US, navigating through the rules & regulations all by you can be extremely strenuous and overwhelming. Therefore, you need to consult a tax preparer; especially an enrolled agent to get things sorted out and professionally managed. As tax is a broad subject, you need to find a tax specialist to file your yearly returns, by first preparing a tax report. Enrolled agents offer complete tax consultation and are responsible for performing tax audits, tax collections and tax appeals on behalf of their clients.

They are thoroughly knowledgeable about all tax-related subjects, including income tax, sales tax, corporate tax, professional tax, GST, gifts, levies, payroll, rewards, inheritance, non-profit taxes, etc. Since EAs have unlimited practice rights, they can easily help prepare tax returns for businesses, individuals, corporations and partnership firms.

They can also file complete tax returns on your behalf, apart from providing advice and consultation. They also perform tasks like IRS audit representation, bookkeeping, yearly tax preparation, and lots of other stuff, related to tax and accounts. As a matter of fact, an enrolled agent is a tax specialist certified and accredited by the Internal Revenue Service, here in the US. They undergo a three-part extensive examination conducted by the IRS, and must successfully clear it. Therefore, they can represent you or your organization before the IRS department, during a tax audit.

How Can ‘Ageras’ Help Find an EA?

The process is simple. You log-in to their official website, fill in the online form by mentioning all your job role requirements, including your company profile, and they can help you find an enrolled agent by offering FREE and no-obligation quotes within 1-2 days. You can compare these non-binding quotes with other service providers, and choose one that best suits your specific job role. So, if you’re asking this question to yourself, as to how to find an enrolled agent near me, team “Ageras” has all the answers and solutions.

The Precise Role of an Enrolled Agent

An enrolled agent helps a client in IRS investigations, as they know the in & out of Internal Revenue Service. They can provide all kinds of support, assistance, guidance and consultation, when in the case of an IRS tax audit or an external audit. But, if the investigation takes a criminal turn, you might have to take the help of a tax attorney. Secondly, an EA can provide professional advice and consultancy, when you’re suspecting a tax fraud or legal issues arising, when you’ve underreported your income, expenses, claim false deductions and tax credits that you did not earn.

Lastly, working with an enrolled agent can significantly reduce your penalties, if you’ve failed to file your tax returns, under the IRS rules & regulations. The penalties can be quite steep if you’ve failed to file your annual tax returns, so an enrolled agent can be your perfect guide and assist in reducing your tax obligations and help find ways to minimize the penalties imposed by the IRS.

The average cost of hiring an enrolled agent varies from one state to another, but it usually hovers around $200-$400 per hour. The price mainly depends on the geographical location, time and the complexity of the task. Mostly, they charge an hourly rate, but in some cases, on a contractual basis.

Who Needs an Enrolled Agent?

It is mostly the small to midsize business enterprises, non-profit organizations, individuals, partnership firms and all other companies that have a payroll, employee and have a turnover. In simple terms, companies or businesses that make sales and earn profit, require the services of IRS certified enrolled agents to manage all their taxation related woes in an effective manner, without any loopholes or errors.

As taxes are basically calculated on the type of business, one such tax professional or expert can help determine what kind of business expenses are deemed deductible from your taxes. This is how they help reduce their client’s tax obligations. So, if you buy a home or property, form a company, inherit an estate, make a capital investment, get foreign grants, spend on new business acquisitions, you would definitely require the services of enrolled agents.

And, here in the US, partners like ‘Ageras’ can be of great help in finding an EA near you that is fully certified, accredited, licensed and insured by the Internal Revenue Service. All small business owners, midsize entities and non-profit organizations require their professional services, in order to maintain a clean tax record and for a seamless filing of yearly tax returns. This is how it works.