Say “Yes!” To Winter Wedding Invitations

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Thinking of getting married in the coldest months of the year? Without a doubt, you will be celebrating a unique bond wrapped in a cloak of magic. If your answer is “yes,” prepare the first detail she will wear for winter on B-day: the wedding invitations!

Do you dream of giving you the “yes, I do” in the middle of winter? Although the warm months of the year are still the most popular for wedding celebrations, the truth is that more and more couples decide to live their B-day in the romanticism that winter surrounds. If this is your wish, live your wedding wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress, together with those who received the winter themed wedding invitations and in a unique setting, wrapped in original ideas for weddings with more personality, do not hesitate to get the most out of it, to the charm that the station offers you.

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When organizing your big date, you should start at the beginning, as in everything. And it is that leaving aside the choice of that beautiful princess-cut wedding dress, the suit, the bouquet or even the decoration ideas for winter weddings with which you want to dress your stage, the invitations will play an important role three or four months before the happy day. For this reason, and because it is the first news that the guests will receive of the great event, they must be up to the task, since the first impression that your loved ones will take of the link will depend on that small detail.

If what you want is to say “yes, I do” at a wedding inspired by the coldest time of the year, how do you think the beauty of winter reflects in every detail of the design of your invitation? Whether you decide to create your own homemade wedding invitations or commission a specialized supplier to design  them, winter cannot be absent from one of the key elements of the big day. Do you want to know more?

Cold Colors And Bright Little Ones

The cold color palette – like blue, gray, or white – is the characteristic of winter. Bet on a combination of a maximum of 3 cold tones and accentuate the details you want with a bright color. For example, gold, red, silver or green will be ideal as part of the envelope or the invitation itself, either in drawings, to highlight part of the text or, in a decorative way, on its edges. The result will be a real wonder.

Black, Another Great Option

Like cold tones, black is another of the star colors. Make the background of the envelope or the wedding speech templates stain with it, and do not forget to add color and brightness to the content, be it the letter with all the information you want to convey, the small details, the reliefs on the edges of the paper … Go for gold, silver or even white with a very subtle touch of glitter to achieve a unique finish. You will succumb!

Details Of The Station

If you want to say “yes, I do” in a winter setting, you are in luck! The coldest season is characterized by endless details that make it special and unique. And is that when you think of the word winter, several images come to mind: snowflakes, pinecones, mistletoe, trees … What do you think of including any of these elements in your wedding invitations? For example, as part of the envelope decoration, on the invitation itself – but always on the edge so that the text does not lose clarity – or on your wedding seal. An interesting proposal, right?

Christmas Themes

Of course, when thinking of winter, it is inevitable to remember Christmas. One of the most beautiful times of the year is in the cold month of December and, without a doubt, it is a perfect excuse to celebrate a different, festive wedding … Unique in short. And, what could be more magical than saying “yes, I do” wearing a beautiful princess-cut wedding dress and a beige-toned suit on a special day like Christmas Eve or the last day of the year?

Dress your wedding invitations with the essence of Christmas. Give prominence to the classic colors of these save the dates, such as white, red, and green, and include small Christmas details in the style of snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars, or mistletoe. Your family and friends, who will not hesitate to choose the perfect party dress or outfit for the occasion, will be delighted to receive such an original … and emotional invitation wedding speech templates.

After sending the invitations, you will have part of the work done. And the thing is that a few months after “yes, I do,” your great illusion will be that everything goes perfectly on the big day. Thus, from the final arrangements of the dress or the groom’s suit to the hiring of the latest suppliers, through the choice of wedding details with which you will surprise the guests, they must be at the height of your magical link. An unforgettable day that, celebrated on the coldest dates of the year, will not leave anyone indifferent.