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Salman Khan Excluded Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Song from Dabangg 3

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Salman Khan excluded Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song from Dabangg 3

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song has been removed from Bollywood star Salman Khan’s new film ‘Dabangg 3’  The film is about to be released soon and final preparations are being made in this regard.

Sources revealed that Rahat Fateh Ali had recorded a song for the film, but due to increasing tension between Pakistan and India, the industry decided to stop working with singers on the other side of the border. He is from Pakistan, which is why Salman Khan and his entire team decided to replace his voice with another singer. Dawn Images contacted Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s producer and global promoter Salman Ahmed in this regard, and said, “In fact, 2 songs were recorded for bullying, Everyone wanted these songs and they were very good ‘. He added, ‘A song is very beautiful and everyone will regret that Rahat Sahib’s version did not become a part of the film, but he sees the interests of his country, so I do not think that the artist has such There may be a choice in the circumstances’.

Federation of Western India Sign Employees (FWICE) has issued a directive ‘Given the current situation between the two countries, work with any Indian artist, singer, dancer, host, performer and promoter of Pakistani origin and Pakistani artists. Will not’. The organization had in the past issued notices to Indian artists and promoters who attended or organized events of Pakistani artists. Salman Ahmed said, “If this song is released then there will be controversy, it will affect the film and no one wants it. That is why we did not do the song.

He added: “Given the sentiments of the people and the industry at the moment, they want to respect it, otherwise we know that there are people who want to cause Salman Khan’s reputation by causing controversy.”