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Renovation Tips—How to Turn an Old House in Sydney into a Modern Marvel

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There’s no doubt older buildings carry lots of charm but unfortunately, that’s not always a good enough selling point. If you live in an older house in a Sydney neighborhood you need to plan today for potentially reselling one day. How do you make sure of high property value and get good offers on the home?

Also, let’s not forget about the time you’re still spending in that house. Surely you also want to enjoy some of the benefits of modern home renovation and décor trends, such as an ever-popular skylight installation Sydney locals love.

Trends are popular not only for aesthetics but how they improve your home life experience. Let’s show you step-by-step how to transform an outdated building into a new marvel. You’ll love it and so will future buyers.

Goal #1: Remove the Unwanted

For your own sake, start by decluttering your home. Be honest with yourself about whether items have been used in the past year or even six months. If the answer is no, chances are you won’t miss it when it’s gone. Without the clutter, the atmosphere will be more inviting, and you’re bound to see the true potential of each room.

Next, remove outdated items such as wallpaper. You won’t be able to upgrade the look of your home if you still retain large visual reminders of how old the building really is.

Goal #2: Space

Spaciousness is a number one priority for most buyers these days. So, if the goal is reselling, remove unnecessary walls. Of course, you can’t knock down supporting walls, but can you find a way to connect a small kitchen, cramped dining room and tiny lounge so it forms one large living area? If you do, you’ve got yourself a major selling point.

Also, do this for your own sake. Walking into a more spacious room can be more welcoming. You’ll want to return home each day because you won’t feel the walls pressing in on you. Transform your home and you’ll see how it affects your mood in a positive way.

Goal #3: Light

Another aspect that can boost your mood is having more light inside the house. A gloomy atmosphere won’t easily spark happiness, so finding ways to brighten up rooms are essential. Light is also essential in modern homes as a selling point.

You have many solutions to reach this goal, with a skylight installation being one of your best options. Even rooms with no open spaces for additional windows can get a skylight. And of course, natural light is the best type, because artificial light from bulbs increases your utility costs and can cause strain on the eyes.

Installing more light fixtures around the house will help as well but remember to use the right bulbs. Warm white bulbs create a more comforting environment than unnaturally bright white light.

Lastly, try to spread this light from the new light sources throughout the home. Hanging a few mirrors and placing transparent décor such as glass vases throughout your rooms will work well.

Goal #4: Showcase Trendiness

The next way you can transform your outdated home is by adding small traces of what’s common in the new, trendy homes you see in magazines. You can do this with:

  • Replacing old hardware on doors with new, modern ones
  • A new mineral shower head and more modern taps
  • The very detailed curtains of a few years ago should be taken down and replaced with new ones with simple, sleek lines
  • The cover of wall plugs and light switches can be updated

These may seem like small changes, but they communicate what decade you’re trying to represent. It’s a cost-effective way to make a huge visual impact.

Goal #5: Optimising the Outdoors

An important discussion point for modern homeowners is the use of the garden. They want places to enjoy the fresh air and watch their kids while cooking outside. Perhaps it’s to get away from all the stressors of today’s society?

If you have the budget for a big renovation, it’s worth installing a patio or creating an alfresco room. With today’s innovation, you can have durable coverings for these areas so furniture on the patio won’t get damaged by the weather.

You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it years ago.

Goal #6: Kitchens and Bathrooms

Another big renovation plan can be to transform your kitchens and bathrooms. Because these are rooms people use daily, they rank high on priority lists.

For cupboards and other features, consider trends and people’s preferences, such as having small carbon footprints and maintaining a sustainable living. Look for sustainable materials such as recycled glass and opt for natural products like wood. These materials are timeless and people may prefer them compared to synthetic materials that lead to by-products during manufacturing.

Final Thoughts

Go on, spoil yourself. And impress your future buyers.

These renovations aren’t simply about following a whim. With careful planning and implementing experts’ advice, your home can be a more welcoming, practical, and even efficient space.

For now, it’s YOUR safe haven and you deserve the best. For now, you deserve the best with house extensions in Melbourne.