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Looking to buy a Pug dog in India and want to know what is the price of a Pug dog in India? You are at the right place in this article, we will share with you the details about how much a Pug dog costs in India.

We are not only going to tell you the price of Pug dog we will give you information about important things that you should keep in mind while buying Pug dog in India. So, continue reading this post to learn about the pricing and other details of Pug puppies in India.

Pug Dog Price in India 2021

The price of black and brown color Pug dogs in India ranges from 9 to 16 thousand, and the price of a white color Pug dog is from 5 to 20 thousand. The price of other pug dogs also depends on your locality (city or village) and where you are buying from (puppy mill, pet shop, or breeder). If you live in the city then it will cost you dearly and if you live in the village then you can also get a pug dog for less price.

Average monthly expense of a Pug Dog in India

In India, the cost of handling a pug dog every month ranges from 2 to 3 thousand. Sometimes the cost goes up or down, because the cost depends on many things like what is the season, whether your dog’s health is good or not or if your dog is pregnant, then due to these reasons the expenses keep on increasing or decreasing.

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Where to buy a pug dog?

When you go to buy a pug dog or a dog of any other breed, you have three options, which we have explained below.

1: Puppy Mills

In this, dogs are bred for profit, and the dogs are not taken care of well and the vaccine is not administered properly. In this, the price of Pug dogs is also less than the market price, which is around 8-10 thousand. Therefore, if you buy a dog from a puppy mill, then its nature will be aggressive, so we do not suggest you buy any dog ​​from a puppy mill.

2: Pet Shop

Although pet shop owners also buy dogs indirectly from puppy mills, but they take more care than puppy mills. Therefore if you are buying Pug dog from a pet shop it will cost you around 8 to 12000 rupees.  If you are buying a dog from a pet shop, then definitely take all the documents (vaccine certificate, etc.) of the dog.

3: Breeders

If you buy a dog directly from the breeders, then it is a very good choice, because you get a dog of very good quality from them. Every dog ​​breeder is a pet lover, so he takes care of the dogs very well, and also gives them good dog food, vaccines, good training, etc.

If you go to get a puppy from any breeder, then you have to pay 10 to 25 thousand. If you want to get a good dog, then we would suggest you take the dog from the breeders, because even though the price of the dog is a bit high, you will get a mentally and physically healthy dog.

How to take care of a Pug dog?

How to take care of Pug dog

Below are some important things about pug dog care, so if you have made up your mind to buy your pug dog, then you must read these things.

1: Exercise

Pug dogs have a lot of weight, so they definitely need exercise. They do not need a long walk, if you take them for a walk 2 times a day, it will be very good, due to this their health will be good.

2: Pug Dog Eyes Care

There is a lot of problem in the eyes of Pug dog, so you keep cleaning their eyes, due to this there may be chances of them getting sick.

3: Pug Dog needs love

Pug dogs are very sensitive and they need love and care like children, if you make them angry then they get angry with you.

5 Benefits of the Pug Dog

So if you want to keep a pug dog, then you have to take great care of this thing. Below we have listed 5 benefits of keeping a pug dog, which we hope you will like.

#1 Temperament

The pug dog’s temperament is good, it means the pug dog’s nature is quite calm. It also loves playing with children. If any of your relatives come to the house, it will mix well with them and start playing.

#2 A Good Apartment Dog

Pug dogs are good apartment dogs, they do not need much space to live and if we keep them in a small space then they can live happily.

#3 Be nice to other pets

If you have more pets in your house, such as Cat, Dog, etc. then it can live well with them too. But it may take some time for the pug dog to dissolve with other pets, but it will remain well after it dissolves.

#4 Less exercise needed

Pug dog does not need much exercise, if you play with it for half an hour in a park or at home, then that is enough for his good health.

#5 Pug dogs have a longer lifespan

The lifespan of a pug dog is between 10 and 12 years. So it can stay with you for a good time period.

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8 Disadvantages of the Pug Dog

Below we have listed eight disadvantages of keeping a Pug dog.

#1 Digest System

Pug dog’s digestive system is very weak, if you do not give it to eat properly and do not take care, then they may have loose motion or any other disease. That is to say, if you keep a dog of any other breed, then you can go up and down in a little food, but with a pug dog, you have to use a lot of caution.

#2 Eye problems

Pug dogs have a lot of problems with their eyes, so keep in mind that you keep checking their eyes. If you feel that something is coming in their eyes or their eyes are turning red, then you need to take them to the doctor immediately.

#3 The height Problem

Pug dog alerts you if a stranger enters your house, but this dog cannot fight because its height is very short, but it tries its best to keep its family safe. So you cannot take the job of a guard dog from a pug dog.

#4 Have to spend more time

Pug dog is such a breed with whom you will have to spend a lot of time. If you play with them only then they will be happy, healthy and fit. If you do not spend much time with them, then this dog will sit in one place and become frustrated, with which the chances of getting sick will also increase. Sometimes pug dogs also get sick and due to which they do not eat food and their problem gets worse.

#5 More likely to get sick

Pug dogs get sick very quickly. It is important for you to keep checking them with the doctor so that you can get to know about their health condition.

#6 The pug dog can never be left alone outside

You can never leave a pug dog outside alone, because if you leave them outside alone, they will roam and go somewhere else, due to which your dog can also be lost. Because these dogs are very fond of roaming, so they go anywhere while roaming.

#7 Pug dogs get skin infections too

If you feed them something sweet or pungent or take them near the fire, then they can also get a skin infection. Take care not to feed them sweet or spicy, nor feed them anything outside. Feed them only good dog food and homemade food, due to which your dog will be healthy.

#8 Pug dogs can quickly become overweight

When you feed your pug dog outside food or more dog food, then their weight increases a lot, due to which they can also get diseases. Therefore, do not feed them too much outside food or too much dog food. You give them food according to how much they feel hungry.

Can Pug Dogs Be Bought Online?

Yes, you can buy pug dog online in India. If you want to buy a dog online, you can use Quickr and OLX Apps, which let you know where the dog is being sold near you.

You can download these apps directly from the play store. But you will not get much choice of dog breeds on these two apps, because very few people buy and sell dogs online.

Buy Pug Dog Online In India

But we would advise you to buy a dog offline only because there you can go and see for yourself in which environment the dog has grown up and can get information about its parents and vaccine etc.

If you want, you can also find out about pet shops in your nearest areas by searching online on Google. But even there you will have to go and buy the dog yourself because they do not offer the option of online delivery, and this is also quite right because it helps you to know about the background of the dog by talking to the owner directly.


In this article, after doing a lot of research, we have tried to tell you the price of a pug dog with the right range. The rest of the price, as we mentioned, depends on your area, the color of the dog, and where you buy the dog (puppy mill, breeder, or pet shop).

In this article, we have also given you information about Pug dog care, cost, advantages, disadvantages, etc. If you liked our article, then please do share it with your pet lover friends and relatives so that they too can take advantage of this information if they ever want to buy a pug dog.