German Shepherd Puppy Price in India

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If you want to know the price of a German Shepherd Puppy price in India you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you that how much German Shepherd Puppy costs in India. We also going to share information about how to identify a German Shepherd and from where you can buy German Shepherd Puppy in India.

German shepherd Puppy Price in India (2021)

The average price of a German Shepherd Puppy in India is between Rs 10,000-40,000. The price of different varieties of German shepherds such as White Shepherd, King Shepherd, etc. is between 20 to 60 thousand. The German Shepherd Puppy price in different cities of India are as under:

City/State German Shepherd Puppy Price
Punjab The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Punjab ranges from 7000 to 15,000.
Jalandhar The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Jalandhar ranges from Rs.7, 000 to Rs.18, 000.
Pune The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Pune ranges from Rs: 15,000 to Rs: 50,000.
Hyderabad The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Hyderabad ranges from Rs: 15,000 to Rs: 20,500.
Kolkata German Shepherd Puppy price in Kolkata ranges from 15,000 to 20,000.
Amritsar The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Amritsar ranges from Rs.4, 000 to Rs.14, 000.
Chandigarh The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Chandigarh ranges from Rs.5, 000 to Rs.17, 500.
Noida The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Noida ranges from Rs.15, 000 to Rs.19, 500.
Ludhiana The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Ludhiana ranges from 7000 to 18,000.
Delhi The price of German Shepherd Puppy in Delhi ranges from Rs: 15,000 to Rs: 21,000.
Chennai German Shepherd Puppy price in Chennai ranges from 15,000 to 20,000.

Where to Buy German Shepherd Dogs? (Offline & Online Methods)

Buy German Shepherd Dogs in India

Below we have listed how to buy German shepherd online and offline, we hope you like it.

Offline methods

There are three ways you can buy German Shepherd Puppy or Dog offline which are from Puppy Mills, Pet Shop, and Breeders. In Puppy Mills, you will get Puppy a little cheaper but their Puppy is not taken care of properly and the vaccine is also not done properly. That’s why from there you will get Puppy a little cheaper but of angry nature.

That’s why we would not recommend you to buy any puppy from Puppy Mills. You can also buy puppies from the pet shops, although they also indirectly buy puppies only from Puppy Mills, but take good care of them. Here you will get Puppy, a little expensive than Puppy Mill, but it will be healthy.

That’s why you can buy German Shepherd Puppy from Pet Shop, but you must take complete documents of vaccine, etc. from them and also keep in mind that Pet Shop is certified.

If you take a Puppy from a direct breeder then it will be the biggest thing, because the breeders are pet lovers and take good care of the puppy. Any breeder will get you a little expensive Puppy compare to Pet Shop and get a puppy but you get a physically and mentally healthy puppy.

Online methods

You can buy puppies online from OLX and Quikr, but there you will see very little choice because very few people buy and sell puppies online. We will also advise you to buy a puppy or dog through offline methods because there you can go yourself and get information about the puppy and his parents.

Things to keep in mind when buying a German Shepherd Puppy

Below we have listed some important things that you have to keep in mind while buying a German Shepherd Puppy.

1: Age of puppy

If you are buying a German Shepherd Dog for the first time, then you should never take a puppy below 35 days, you should only take a puppy that is at least 35 or 40 days old.

2: Ears

You have to see the ears of the puppy, if its ears are forward and become straight up to 5cm, then it means that it is a dog of real German shepherd breed.

3: Tail

If the tail of the puppy is straight and long, it means that the puppy is exactly a German shepherd. All you have to do is get a straight-tail puppy.

4: Color

You can also know German Shepherd Puppy by its color whether it is pure or not. There should be only black color on the top of the puppy and only brown at the bottom.  If there is white color on the toes, then it does not matter that there is no meaning of purity.

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Tips to Take Care of German shepherd Puppy

  1. German Shepherd Dogs have very long hair, so their hair keeps falling out, you have to comb them twice a day. You have to take Best Dogs shampoo from the market and bring conditioner, you have to apply it after 4 or 5 days.
  2. If the weight of the German Shepherd Dog increases, then he may have a heart attack disease. The average weight of a German shepherd should be between 55-65 kg. So you have to take care of your puppy’s weight.
  3. German shepherd dogs can also get the disease. Cataract points can also occur in the eyes of the German shepherd.
  4. Your German shepherd may also have calcium deficiency and epilepsy. That’s why you have to keep getting your dog checked up with the doctor.
  5. German Shepherd Dog is a very good and energetic dog, so you must take care to get him exercised daily. Due to the exercise, his energy will remain and his weight will be healthy and maintained. If your dog is not eating food, then due to exercise, he will also feel hungry.
  6. German Shepherd Dog nails are very long. You have to keep cutting his nails after 2 weeks and keep his claws clean.
  7. You have to make a timetable for your dog and write what to do at what time. With this, your dog will know when to eat food, when to train, when to play, and when to go for a walk, etc.
  8. German Shepherd Dogs can also have allergies, so you have to keep cleaning their ears and teeth. Due to this, he will not get any disease and will remain healthy.
  9. You have to play with him regularly for half an hour. He also enjoys playing with toys.

German shepherd’s Monthly Expense

The average cost of a German shepherd dog is 4 to 7 thousand per month, which varies according to the weather, dog’s health, etc. When you bring the puppy home, you will not incur that many expenses, because there are no special expenses at Puppy’s early age. But as your puppy grows up, so his expenses will also increase.

Benefits of German shepherd

  • German Shepherd Dogs are very intelligent and understand many things very quickly. If you give training to them, then these dogs learn very quickly.
  • German Shepherd Dog Being intelligent and powerful, it protects your home completely. If a thief wants to enter your house, a German shepherd will not allow him to enter.

Disadvantages of German shepherd

  • German Shepherd Dog eats a lot of food, so they have vitamins, calcium or many other supplements in the market, which they definitely need to grow.
  • Initially, the cost of German Shepherd is very less, because when you bring German Shepherd Puppy then the expenses are not known so much, but when it starts growing up then the cost starts increasing.
  • German Shepherd Dog is a very intelligent and powerful dog, so it is very important to train it. Due to its being very powerful, it causes a lot of damage to things.

FAQs – Most frequently asked questions about German Shepherd Dogs

Below we have answered some of the questions that many people ask while buying a German shepherd.

1: What is the cost of a 1-year-old German shepherd?

The cost of a 1-year-old German shepherd dog ranges from 7,000 to 10,000.

2: Which is the cheapest dog in India?

Beagle is the cheapest dog in India.

3: How many babies does a German shepherd give at a time?

German shepherd gives birth to 9 babies at a time.

4: Which is the most expensive dog in the world?

Akita is the most expensive dog in the world.

5: Which dog is number one in the world?

  • Smartest – Border Collie
  • Strongest – German Shepherd
  • Beautiful – Samoyeds

Final Words

In this article, after doing a lot of research, we have tried to tell you the price of the right German Shepherd Puppy. Along with this, we have also given information about the advantages and disadvantages of German Shepherd, etc.

We hope that you liked our article. Please do share this article with your friends and relatives so that if they ever think of buying a German Shepherd Dog, then they can know about its price, etc.