Prosoma vs Modalert – How to Remove pain from Sleep Disorder

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Prosoma vs Modalert  – How to Remove pain from Sleep Disorder

Prosoma acts as a muscle relaxant. It is generally used in the treatment of pains associated with an injury. It gives us relief from painful sensations that are caused by muscle injury, stress, etc. It is produced by Centurion Laboratories in India. The main ingredient of this medicine is Carisoprodol.

Brands those are same as Prosoma 350mg

It is the same as two other brands that are produced by two other manufacturers in the market. They are Soma and Vandom. These medicines also contain the salt Carisoprodol but are manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies so the brand name is different.


How to take Prosoma?

Prosoma medicines come in the form of oral tablets and so they can be consumed by water. If you have any doubts you can always ask your doctor. If you are allergic to Carisoprodol then inform your doctor. You can take the medicine in an empty stomach or after having food.

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How does Prosoma work?

Prosoma works by relieving us from the pain sensations in the part of the body where the injury has been received. It affects the nerves present in the region and blocks the sending of the signals from that portion of the body to the brain. Thus we are not able to feel any pain.


Ideal dosage

The medicine Prosoma is available in various dosages in the market. It depends on various physical factors to identify correctly the ideal dosage for a person. If you want to use this drug then you must take the recommendation from a doctor.

Dosages of Prosoma are available in different dosages ranging from 250mg to 500mg.

Side effects

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache

How long can I take Prosoma?

This drug can make you addictive to the drug. It is recommended that you ask the doctor about how long the drug can be taken without any addiction effects and serious side effects.


Some drugs with which Prosoma may interact very easily are salmeterol, esomeprazole, Pregabalin, alprazolam, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3. Do not take alcohol as it may cause serious side effects.


The average price will vary according to the dosage and the no of tablets bought. But the average price for the 350mg tablet for 50 tablets is around $115 to 300 pills for $ 275.

What is Modalert?

Modalert is a drug that promotes wakefulness and prevents sleepiness. It acts as a cognitive enhancer and is also helpful in the treatment of any type of sleep order and sleep apnea. It contains the main ingredient Modafinil.

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How does Modalert work?

The drug stimulates the brain cells and helps to release certain hormones and chemicals which reduces sleepiness feeling and generates a feeling of motivation. It increases the release of dopamine hormone and creates activeness in a person.


What are the substitutes for Modalert?

Modalert is a brand name of Modafinil which is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals. There are many other alternatives as well which also contain Modafinil but are manufactured by different pharma companies like Modatec, Modapro and Provoke.

Side effects Modalert

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness
  • Sleeping problems
  • Chest pain

Precautions to undertake

Lactating and pregnant mothers are asked to use this medicine only after taking permission from a doctor. This medicine may pass on to your child or the fetus through breast milk or while you are pregnant.

The use of alcohol is not recommended. Do not get involved in an activity that requires you to maintain focus and concentration.


Price of Modalert

The prices will vary as per the dosage. For the 200mg dosage, the price is around $ 85 for 50 tablets and for 500 tablets it is around $410.


What is the relationship between the two medicines?

The use and purpose of these two medicines are completely different. But in case of sleep disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea you may be suffering from body pain. Use of Modalert can be done to prevent sleep disorders but to treat the body pain you must use a pain reliever like Prosoma.


Prosoma vs. Modalert

Prosoma acts as a muscle relaxant and relieves pain sensations while Modalert acts as wakefulness and an activating agent.

Prosoma and Modalert both have some similar side effects like headaches, fainting, hallucinations, confusion, drowsiness. So it might be very confusing to know which medicine is causing side effects.

Both Prosoma and Modalert are known to cause addictions. They may make you addicted to using them. The use of both drugs should not be done for a long time as they may cause side effects.

Both medicines work affecting the nervous system. While Prosoma works by affecting the nerves in the region of injury, Modalert works by affecting the brain cells.

The chief ingredient of Prosoma is Carisoprodol which acts as a pain reliever and muscle relaxing agent. It relieves our body from the trauma or the pain which can be caused due to injury accident or any sleep disorder. For Modalert, the chief ingredient is Modafinil which acts as a cognitive enhancer drug. Modafinil works by allowing the brain to become active and prevents sleep.

The price of Modalert might be a little cheaper than Prosoma but both medicines are readily available in the market. You can trust to order these medicines online. But make sure that you have obtained doctors’ permission for using the drugs as both can cause some serious side effects.  If you want more info about the above topic related so visit on Allgenericpills.

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