MICT and HIIT are best exercises for Brain

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Two Best Types of Exercises for Brain (MICT & HIIT)

After a survey, experts have identified two best exercises for the brain. It is now scientifically proved that exercise is beneficial for the brain in many ways. The regular exercise habit can prevent many ailments including Alzheimer’s.

There was a debate for some time about whether these exercises are beneficial for the development, ability, and flexibility of the brain. Now, after some study experts have revealed that both low-intensity continuous workout (i.e. MICT) and high-intensity interval training (i.e. HIIT) are the best exercises for the brain.

University of South Australia

University South Australia tries to explore the relationship between exercise and mental flexibility. Mental resilience is the condition in which the brain continues to form new circuits and connections throughout its life, indicating that it is healthy and undergoes a process of recovery. Mental flexibility helps with better memory, learning new sciences, reactions and learning from new environments.

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There are two types of exercise that can increase mental flexibility. In this regard, Dr. Ashley Smith and colleagues also tried some types of exercise and aerobic methods but decided to study later. They recruited 128 healthy people age 18 to 65 and gave them different exercises including MICT & HIIT.


During this time the brain scans of the experts were done, ie before and after exercise, the changes were noted. Experts found that if 20 minutes of high-intensity interview training and 25 minutes of continuous aerobic exercise increase mental flexibility. After 20 mint of exercise excerpts noted that flexibility and activity of the brain were at the peak. Both exercises also resulted in a decrease in the rate of the mental stress-causing hormone cortisol.

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Remember that the list of moderate exercises includes jogging, cycling at ten miles an hour, swimming lightly, playing tennis and volleyball and more.

On the other hand, HIIT involves jumping rope, standing back and forth, walking fast, sitting up, pushing up, pulling a chin at the gym and running faster, but all of this is have to do faster.