PM orders refund of extra money charged from gas consumers

PM orders refund of extra money charged from gas consumers

The government has decided to refund the amount received from consumers in the wake of additional gas bills. Prime Minister Imran Khan was presented with reports of areas where extra bills were sent despite low gas pressure. The report said that the gas pressure available to the consumers and the bills received were practically inspected; huge bills were sent to the consumers at different places for delivery gas pressure.

The Prime Minister, while expressing extreme indignation at the additional burden on the gas consumers, ordered the consumers to refund the bills in case of additional bills. He also directed to keep a close watch on the demand situation in different areas and issue the forthcoming gas bill on the basis of real gas pressure.

According to the report, Sui northern will return Rs 513 million to consumers. The company has returned 50 million to consumers for February and March 2019 and a refund of Rs 463 million has also been initiated.


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