Places Where You Should Apply Essential Oils?

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By Kaleem Ullah

The essential oils are the essence of plants, and they can be derived from a variety of species, some of which are well-known in folk medicine. These oils are created by compressing or parboiling various plant parts, such as roots, stems, flowers, or even the bark, until a highly concentrated liquid is formed. These oils contain a higher concentration of active compounds from that plant and have a stronger odour. It can be mixed with lotion and other oils to boost their health benefits.

These oils sometimes have additional ingredients and have different forms of application, like roll on essential oils. “Roll on” is a container with a ball-shaped applier in the opening and works on the same technology of rollerball pens.

These organic essential oils have been established and tested for ages, and the production method has also evolved in the past years. This article will give guidance on the application of these essential oils.

You can apply roll-on essential oils to the following parts of your body:

Bottom of your feet

It is not common knowledge that your feet have some of the most prominent pores in your body. Larger pores mean the essential oils can easily be absorbed in your body. The bloodstreams can quickly get all the nutrients in the oil.

Behind your ears

The thickness of your skin varies across the body. The skin behind your ears is thinner, and it can absorb the essential oils efficiently. The layer of the skin behind the ears can absorb the oils faster than any other place, which is also a pressure point in your body. Applying oil in this place can give you relief from swelling and inflammation quickly.

On the temple

The temples are the space between your forehead and ears, and this is where most people feel pain during headaches and migraines. You can use roll-on essential oils to get rid of migraines and headaches.

Temples are also a pulse point where blood vessels are closer to the skin—applying the essential oils here will give you the results quickly.

On your wrists

Inner wrists are the place where you must apply the oils. It is also a pulse point where the oils can get into the bloodstream quickly. Many blood vessels run from your fingertip to your torso, and the radial artery runs along the inner side of your wrist, which will absorb the oils easily.

What are the other places you can apply roll-on essential oils?

You can apply these oils in more places than the ones mentioned above. Here are some common areas to use these oils:

  • Back of the knees
  • Chest
  • Inner elbow
  • Side of the neck
  • Abdomen
  • Around the ankles
  • Problem spots

The application of essential oils is excellent for improving your health and minimising the pain in different body parts. You must dilute the oil with a carrier oil before applying essential oils directly to the skin. The carrier oil assists the essential oils absorb into the skin and minimise irritations because of the essential oils.

The dilution rate can be adjusted based on the age, gender, and skin sensitivity of a person. You must also do a patch test before applying the essential oils to your skin. If there are any irritations or allergies, you can identify them without causing any discomfort.

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