An Easy Guide To Personalised Videos

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By Kaleem Ullah

Today, customers seek a personal touch in everything they shop. From Spotify’s music recommendation to Amazon’s ‘You might like product list, every company is adding a personalised touch to their branding strategy.

Did you know that about 91% of consumers are willing to shop more with brands that offer relevant recommendations? Furthermore, having GIFs and videos in your marketing can increase the probability of its opening by 19%.

If this is the charm of personalised marketing, imagine the magic a custom-made sales video can have on your business. Here’s a hint: custom sales videos have a 16x rate of click-to-open and around 4.5x higher click-through rate.

What Is A Personalised Video? 

A personalised video is tailor-made multimedia content for a particular viewer. It consists of personal elements such as name, image, and facts related to the viewer in point, etc.

However, personalised videos are not limited to individual preferences. This multimedia content can up your marketing strategy game and your business presence among consumers. You can also create personalised videos based on your brand image for a group as a whole to attract more customers.

How Do Personalised Videos Benefit Your Business

According to Forbes, “Personalised Video Content Can Be The Marketing Breakthrough Brands Need.” Moreover, businesses that include video as a part of their marketing email to the customers grow 46% more comparatively.

Boosts Your Sales

Custom sales videos boost a brand’s sales as they speak to the consumer on an intimate level. They also rekindle the communication with dormant customers and set the business apart from the clutter.

Increased Activity On Landing Page

Do you know that personalised videos can lead to a 62% increase in activity on your landing page? The more time people spend on the landing page, the greater the probability of a potential purchase. Furthermore, 80% of customers frequently purchase from brands that offer a greater personal experience.

Higher Retention Rate

Tailor-made video content leads to a higher retention rate as consumers stop buying from brands that lack a personal touch. Personalised videos convey the brand story, communicate their values, and help to build a shared connection with the consumers.

With Gen Z continuously seeking a meaningful connection while shopping with brands, personalised videos can be a powerful tool to attract them.

How To Make Custom Sales Videos? 

Creating a single personalised video sounds like a piece of cake, but what if you have to create a hundred such videos? Shocked? 

Well, creating a hundred personalised videos, too, is a cakewalk with the right tools and automation applications. You need to link your marketing automation application data with an existing video template to send hundred unique tailor-made videos. 

Now add an attractive message, subject, and embed the video in the email to send hundred personalised videos at one go. Easy, right? 

Summing Up

Custom made sales videos help increase your sales, identify new leads and create an intimate relationship with customers. Although this might sound very tempting and easy, it’s not.

Creating unique personalised content is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to attracting customer attention. With human attention span decreasing tremendously, demand for eye-catching content is ever-increasing, and so is the difficulty in creating them. 

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