Perks of Brand Name Generators

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Starting a business is a huge step. You’re taking your career into your own hands and becoming your own boss. Although finding your niche, gathering inventory, and finding employees are extremely important in succeeding in business, having a proper business name and website are just as important.

A business’ name is crucial in catching customers’ eyes as well as establishing your digital presence. An easy-to-remember, easy-to-pronounce name will have customers remembering who you are long after they’ve purchased from you. This is why Namify’s brand name generator is an invaluable tool in selecting your business’s name. 

How Do Name Generators Work?

Using brand-name generators is a simple process. With tools like Namify’s, all you have to do is enter in two or more keywords and select a category. AI will then find dozens of possible brand names with available website domains.

Having such a variety as well as seeing what domain names are available makes the process of setting up a website much easier. It saves the trouble of conducting searches of countless names that you had to brainstorm and provides pricing upfront.

What Other Perks Come with Naming Generators?

Not only will you be able to save precious time that would’ve been spent brainstorming and searching for available names, but many generators – especially the one provided by Namify – will offer additional brand-building resources.

In addition to getting brand name ideas and seeing available URLs, you’ll also be provided with logo ideas and tools to help create business cards. Having all these resources bundled together and made instantly available will save precious time and money. It’ll save the trouble of outsourcing to graphic designers, and ensures that you won’t have to go through several rounds of revisions to get the exact look you want. 

Going through a name generator also tends to provide discounts for the URL. Namify especially provides steep discounts through their name generator. Entrepreneurs can save plenty of money by going through a name generator and purchasing the URL through an affiliated hosting company such as GoDaddy. This can save plenty of money, which is crucial for businesses just starting out.

Many name generators also use unique shop extensions such as .online. By using extensions such as these, instead of the usual .com extension, ensures that you’ll have more domain name options available to you.

What About Social Media?

Many name generators, including Namify’s generator, also search for social media availability for your business name. Again, this saves a lot of time when it comes to getting started online. Social media plays such a huge role in online marketing, that small businesses should be active on multiple platforms. Not only does it increase web traffic, but it’s also free marketing that will save advertising dollars in the long run.


Brand name generators often aren’t just naming generators. Although beneficial on their own, generators usually come with several other perks and tools. These tools help entrepreneurs get further settled as a business, by providing logos, card designs, URL discounts, and more.