People suffer from depression in Occupied Kashmir

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People suffer from depression in Occupied Kashmir

The BBC has released a report stating that people in occupied Kashmir have become depressed. According to the details, the British Broadcasting Agency has revealed in its report that people in persistent lockdowns and curfew-occupied Kashmir have become frustrated and depressed, while the prevalence of depression patients in Paloma has increased by 150%.

The BBC report says that the number of mental patients is increasing in Srinagar too, more fear among Kashmiris is to be detained by Indian Army; Kashmiris say they will also ask questions of Indian troops in the dream.

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The report of the British Broadcasting Agency reveals the anxious situation of the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir; they have been detained by the Indian Army for 185 days, their normal life being largely suspended which has caused the Kashmiris. Are having a very bad impact on mental health. After this report, the question arises whether the Modi government’s policy is to make Kashmiris mentally ill.

It is to be noted that there have been reports earlier that the Indian Army is using firearms as well as psychological weapons against Kashmiris, including sexual violence against top women. Indian troops are not even delivering children to Kashmiri, further inflicting the worst violence on the children.

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