PCD Pharma: What Is It And What Is Its Scope?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Every business strategy is based on two end goals – making maximum profit and providing exceptional services. Now, in the case of a pharma franchise company, the same rules apply. However, the means to achieve the same are a little different.

Today, in the pharma sector, terms like ‘PCD pharma franchise’ or ‘PCD pharma’ are gaining prominence. There are many top PCD pharma companies like Vivaceutical that currently offer PCD pharma franchise opportunities in PAN India. So, should you get a pharma franchise? Well, you should and there are multiple reasons why.

For those looking for a pharma business opportunity, tying up with a PCD pharma franchise company can be a deal of high profit and success. If you are interested in the same, it’s best to understand the concept first. You should know what PCD pharma company stands for and if it’s a good way to secure your future or not.

What Is PCD Pharma Franchise?

Once a pharma company manufactures its products, it’s time to market and distribute its product range to the public. This is the step where the PCD pharma franchise model comes in.

PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. And ‘franchise’ is a legal authority rendered to third parties for selling the parent company’s products. Together, a PCD pharma franchise company is basically a pharma company offering its partners the right to use their brand name, trademark, and products and start a business. The franchise partners enter into a partnership with the parent company where they get the distribution rights. That’s not all. Partners also get to keep all the profit margin they earn from the sales.

Among top pharma companies, PCD is a preferred model of distribution and marketing of pharma products. The PCD pharma franchise model offers an affordable and effective way for pharma companies to deliver their products to consumers. And it doesn’t just benefit one end of the partnership. Both parties, i.e. the pharma company and the pharma franchise owners get to make a profit and succeed in the pharma industry. This is why most pharma companies in India opt for the PCD model.

What Is the Scope of PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India?

You must work towards fulfilling any business opportunity only after careful calculation of the pros and cons. A PCD pharma franchise business is slowly becoming the first choice of many, but it’s always best to weigh the scales.

If we talk about the scope of PCD pharma companies in India, we see a bright future ahead. And there are several reasons to back up this conclusion too. Let’s take a look at a few of these factors that make owning a PCD pharma franchise a highly beneficial business opportunity.

PCD Pharma Franchise is Profitable

One of the biggest advantages of owning a PCD franchise is that it offers an easy way to make high profit quickly.

Once you choose the best PCD pharma franchise company in India for yourself, all you have to do is sell their products. All the profit you gain from the sales will go into your pocket. The pharma franchise companies set no targets or restrictions for their franchise partners. This ensures profit to the partners at all times.

Does Not Require High Investment

Pharma franchise companies in India do not ask for very high investments. In a PCD pharma model, the company takes care of all the high investment areas. The partners get to buy the franchise, place the order for the PCD company’s products at an affordable price and sell them to the consumers.

Due to this reason, you can tie up with the best Pharma PCD Company for a very low investment. For instance, at Vivaceutical, you can get a start a pharma franchise business for as low as 10,000.

The Pharma Market is Booming

The value of the pharma market in India easily crosses Rs. 1,83,422 crore. And considering the health concerns constantly gripping the population, the need for pharma products will never cease. If we talk in numbers, the pharma market in India is expected to increase by 12-13% by 2023.

Additionally, it’s not just the cities but also the rural areas with a high demand for quality healthcare and medicines. Considering all these factors, jumping into the pharma sector can be an advantageous step. And joining one of the top PCD pharma franchise companies can help you do that in a simple and affordable way.

Monopoly Rights With the PCD Pharma Franchise Company

Another highlight of PCD pharma franchise companies is monopoly rights. When pharma professionals or medical representatives tie up with a pharma franchise company, they get monopoly rights with the franchise.

In simple words, a PCD pharma company provides exclusive distribution and marketing rights to their partners. For instance, if a PCD pharma franchise company offers you such rights, you get to choose the location of your business. Additionally, you will have access to their broad range of pharmaceutical products and sell them without having to face any competition. Why? Because the pharma franchise company will not offer their services such as marketing support, quality pharma products, dedicated customer service, etc. to any other pharma distributors within your area.

If you are a new business and tie up with the top PCD pharma company, this aspect will help you have less competition which in turn will lead to better sales and more profit.

Should You Get a PCD Franchise?

Yes. If you are ready to join the pharma industry and begin your journey towards success, a PCD franchise is a great financial decision.

However, if you are to own a franchise and begin your pharma business, ensure to follow these tips when choosing the best PCD franchise company in India.

  • The entire range of pharmaceuticals must be of the highest quality. The company must ensure top quality control during the manufacturing process and after such as raw material testing, proper storage, proper logistics, etc.
  • Products must be manufactured in WHO-GMP-certified facilities.
  • A wide range of product portfolios. For instance, Vivaceutical has multiple therapeutic segments within their range of quality medicines such as Nutraceuticals, oncological drugs, OTC medicine, derma products, etc.
  • If a company focuses on providing good support in the form of on-time delivery, constant updates, and 100% stock availability, you can rest assured that it is a reliable pharmaceutical company.

So, now that you have a basic idea about the benefits and scope of a PCD company, do you think it’s a right option for you?