Over 400,000 apply for Corona Relief Tiger Force

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Over 408,000 applied for PM’s coronavirus Relief Tiger Force just in 2 days. According to the details, the number of participants for the corona Relief Tiger force surpasses 400,000 just in 2 days 9000 plus females also registered for coronavirus Relief Tiger force. The purpose of the Corona Relief Tiger Force is to help poor people in the country during this coronavirus outbreak.

By April 3rd over 350,000 have registered themselves and 341000 are males and the rest of the females. For this registration purpose, there is a Citizens Portal and Control room has been set up in PM’s office. 2 lakh 76 thousand from Punjab, 62 thousand 839 from Sindh, 52 thousand 171 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 3 thousand 13 young people from Balochistan joined the Prime Minister’s volunteer team.

There are 6,408 participants from Islamabad, 4 thousand 173 from Azad Kashmir and 1 thousand 549 registered from Gilgit-Baltistan.

This force will provide food and other things for poor and needy people to their doorsteps. During lockdown days this force will provide food to the areas that are under lockdown.

How to Apply for PM’s Corona Relief Tiger Force?

You can apply for PM’s corona Relief Tiger Force online. Just download the Citizen Portal App and there you can apply for PM’s Corona Relief Tiger Force.