New Character Sara is Coming in PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 10

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Sara is coming in PUBG Mobile in Royal Pass Season 10

Royale Pass Season 10 Highlights

  • The New Character Name Sara is coming in Royal Pass Season 10. She would be a proficient driver according to the in-game description.
  • Royale Pass Season 10 will bring new missions, weapon skins, clothes and a bunch of new emotes.
  • Sara is the 2nd character coming in PUBG Royal Pass Season 10 after Victor that was launched in Royal Pass Season 09.

Sara PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 10

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royal Pass Release date – Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Pass will come on the 9th of November 2019. Royal Pass season 10 will come with new Skins of Weapons, Vehicles and there is also a new map coming in Royal Pass Season 10 Update. According to Royal Pass season 10 leaks updates there is a new character Name Sara is coming in PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royal Pass Update.

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Royal Pass Season 10

The new Character Name Sara has the ability to reduce damage taken by vehicles in which she rides. Whenever players will be under heavy fire inside a vehicles Sara will put players in a tactical advantage that will help players to reduce damage. Sara will launch new emotes in Royal Pass season 10. The new Costumes are also coming Royal Pass Season 10.

Royal Pass Seaon 10 New emotes

According to in-game description, Sara’s Character described as below

‘’Sara is a vehicle expert who loves automobiles and going for rides. She excels at reinforcing vehicles so that they take less damage when she drives or is riding in a vehicle.’’

However, Sara’s Character will be available in Payload mode and TDM mode. She would not be able to use her powers in Battle Royale or Arcade mode. However, like Victor, Sara’s character would not available in Classic matches she will be only restricted to EnvoGround mode.

PUBG Season 10 Update will come on 9th November as always PUBG Mobile players will be able to download the new update from Google play store and Apple Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 10