Motorcycling: Must Have Gear for New Riders

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Riding a motorcycle is a unique and fascinating feeling. Some say that it feels like flying. No matter how one describes it: Motorcycling does set free tons of adrenaline. The thrill is one thing, the risk is another. Statistics suggest that riding a motorcycle is a lot more dangerous than driving a car – 33 times more dangerous, to be exact. These numbers emphasize the importance of protective gear like motor helmets and other pieces. Find out what pieces of gear you shouldn’t ride your motorcycle without.

A Good Motorcycle Helmet

If it all came down to just one single gear to wear as a rider, it would certainly be the helmet. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet on might be legal in some countries, but that doesn’t change the fact that it´s foolhardy and short-sighted. The impact of a motorcycle accident can be immense. It’s one thing to expose your limbs to the risk of being injured, but – if worse comes to worst – exposing your head can be your death sentence.

That’s why you should always make sure to wear a high-quality helmet that fits you well. When purchasing a motorcycle helmet, you have different options. A full-face helmet is something that is strongly advised. Full face helmet not only protects your skull and your brain, but also your face. Don’t underestimate the damage that hitting the road face-first at full speed can do to your skin.

And face helmets have another major advantage: If you keep your visor down, the helmet keeps bugs out. Being stung by a bee or a wasp could cause you to lose your focus, and you might end up wrecking. Even a small fly that ends up in your eye causes a high risk – one that you need not take.

High-Quality Gloves

What do you do if you fall? You put your arms out in order to protect your head. It´s a natural reflex that has proven itself very important over the past centuries. But during a motorcycle crash, putting your arms out can lead to horrific injuries when your hands hit the road: open flesh wounds, complicated fractures, nerve damage or even the loss of you hand. By wearing gloves, you may not be able to fully eliminate that risk, but you can reduce it at least.

Motorcycle Jacket

Not matter how hot the summer – wise riders know that you should never ride without a motorcycle jacket on. It might be warm underneath it, but – if worse comes to worst – having sweated a little is definitely more tolerable than being injured.

Jackets for motorcyclists come in different materials, but they usually have one thing in common: there are protectors in all the right places. That way, you can protect your spine, your elbows and your shoulders. During a motorcycle wreck, massive abrasions and fractures are not a rarity.

But a good motorcycle jacket has even more advantages: It keeps the cold airflow out, which keeps you warm and movable. At the same time, it keeps bugs out and offers protection against bee stings, bug bites and even against stirred-up grit.

Motorcycle Boots

Yes, it’s possible to ride your motorcycle wearing sneakers. It´s not recommendable, though. Light shoes cannot protect you in case of an accident. Instead, pick sturdy ones – high-quality over the ankle motorcycle boots.

As your feet are the first parts of your body that touch the ground if your motorcycle falls over, they need all the protection they can get. Abrasions, fractures and nerve damage are no joke. The risk is real. Anyone, who’s ever handled an accident will confirm it.

Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle pants are possibly the most underestimated piece of gear out there. While most riders decide to protect their head, feet, hands, torso and upper limbs, they tend to blank out the possible risk they expose their legs to. Shorts or even jeans won’t do anything for you in case of a crash – use designated pants with protectors instead.