Mens Beard Oil and the Four Signs of a Healthy Beard

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By Admin Desk

We’ve all seen the movies.  The handsome, debonair man sweeps the beautiful young lady off her feet and decides to propose.  Can you see him?  The tall, dark, and handsome man slowly walks down the stairs, kneels down, and looks up at his potential bride-to-be.  He is flexing a thin, scraggly, ugly beard.  Oh, you can’t see him.  Good.

No one wants to be the man with the raggedy beard, that looks like he is unkept and unwanted.  The question is how do you achieve and maintain a healthy beard that won’t scare your lady away but actually blow her away with your handsome charm and dashing good looks. Maybe you will find something at to make it possible. Here are four signs that your beard is healthy and leaves nothing to be desired.

!!1. Clean & Fresh

A healthy beard will always be a clean beard, and a clean beard is only obtained by using natural ingredients that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and completely freshen the hair follicles.  Just any shampoo or soap won’t do.  If you desire a healthy beard, make sure it is clean.  You can follow that up with a premium beard oil.

!!2. Thick & Full

Just like the hair on your head, you want your beard to be full and thick, something she can snuggle up to.  Wanting and wishing never worked.  The key to a thick and full beard is regular grooming and tender loving care.  Whether you go the extra mile and use a high-quality cleanser and conditioner or you routinely visit the barber for the much-needed trim of your split ends, you can’t get a thick and full beard unless you tend to it.

!!3. Soft & Silky

Another sign of a healthy beard is that it is soft and cuddly.  Your lady shouldn’t have to wear a helmet when she lays her head on your shoulder.  The healthy beard will always be soft and silky to the touch and never rough or harsh.  The only way to get a soft and silky beard is to treat it to a balm, pomade, or men’s beard oil that will smooth every strand with all-natural high-quality ingredients.

!!4. Neat & Moisturized

You can have a clean, thick, and soft beard but still not have a healthy beard.  The overwhelming aspect of thriving facial hair is hair that is thoroughly hydrated and moisturized.  The moisturized beard will always be neat with no flyaways or straggly pieces as every strand is full of life.  The obvious catalyst for this desirable beard is a fine men’s beard oil.

!!Men’s Beard Oil

All four signs of a healthy beard involve using healthy products that promote hair growth and wellness.  Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is one thing; choosing the right hair dressing is another.  The best product to add to your beard regimen is a superb oil, and one of the premier brands is the Bossman Brand beard oil.  Beard oil not only provides moisture and shine, but it also tames and softens your beard so that you and your lady are happy, hopefully happy enough for her to say yes.