Lightshot and ScreenRec: Which one is the best tool?

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By John Wick

On Instagram, you cannot save media to the gallery. You may need to capture screenshots or screen record the videos. Other than Instagram, there are so many platforms or take simply chrome. While searching, you may need to save the information and thus make screenshots. It is easy to take screenshots or record the screen using a mobile. But, on PCs and laptops, it gets tricky. In some laptops, you may find buttons like “Capture”, “Print Screen”, etc that allow you to make screenshots. You cannot still record the screen. Do you need to know the simple tools that can help you capture screens? This blog presents Lightshot review and Screenrec review for your guidance. Both tools are extraordinarily important.

Lightshot: Make screenshots

Whether you are a student or an employee, whoever it is, just be a screen user – you need a screenshot tool. What do you think is beneficial? Are you wondering if it can help you in any other task than capturing the screen? Students use them to store information they obtained from searching, and enterprises use them for multiple purposes. Screenshots are also used as evidence. Generally, screenshot tools are free to use and Lightshot is among those free tools. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using Lightshot.


  1. The tool is user-friendly.
  2. You can click a screenshot instantly.
  3. There are multiple editing tools integrated.
  4. You can upload screenshots to cloud storage or on social platforms.
  5. It offers amazing features.
  6. You can capture the screen in any shape and size – you get the flexibility feature.


  1. The tool may stop working suddenly at any time. It means it lags and doesn’t run smoothly.
  2. This tool is not compatible with 4K monitors.
  3. The screenshot uploading feature is not efficient and it takes time to upload the file.
  4. You may face regular glitches using the tool.
  5. The integrated features are not as diverse as other competitive tools.
  6. You cannot customize the text while editing.
  7. There is no direct link available for the files.

ScreenRec: Record your screen

A simple screenshot tool is not enough. You need a screen video recording tool as well. What if you find a 2-in-1 tool? The ScreenRec tool is one of them. This tool is particularly advantageous for those who have shifted to online work during the pandemic. Let it be a teacher or a student or an employee, you all need such a tool. YouTubers and bloggers are behind such tools. There is no doubt why such tools are mainly available for free. It is because they are high in demand.

By using ScreenRec, you can record your screen. You can register for free to access a vast variety of features.


  1. The tool is available for free.
  2. You can record as many screens as you want.
  3. The exported files are copyright free.
  4. You can quickly capture the screen without any effort.
  5. It ensures privacy and hence offers secured cloud storage.


  1. The record time limit is 5 minutes.
  2. No video editing tools.
  3. Needs account registration before allowing video recording.
  4. There is no pause record option.
  5. You may encounter bugs while registering for free.