Is Atif Aslam is going to quit singing?

Renowned Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has dismissed rumors of quitting singing.

Recently, during the coronavirus situation, Atif Aslam released a video of reciting Azaan in his mesmerizing voice, which was liked by the fans. Even in Ramadan, Atif Aslam had entertained everyone by reciting 99 names of Allah Almighty in his beautiful voice.

Now, in the Geo News program ‘Capital Talk’, Atif Aslam has expressed his desire to recite Azaan in Masjid-ul-Haram. In response to a question, Atif Aslam said, “I am trying to keep the religion as well as the world. I am human, human beings make mistakes.” Asked about quitting singing, he said, “I’m not going to quit music and I won’t quit. There’s no such thing in my mind to quit music.”


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