Increasing Trend of 3D Construction in Construction Industry

We can see the 21st century emerging as the digital age, and there is no wonder that the many new technologies like 3D printing, etc. have found their way into the corporate world. 3D printers were introduced back in the 1980s, but they have gained popularity only recently, as the global production world has taken its notice. The use of 3D printers and other new technologies in the construction industry is self-explanatory, as building a structure from basic materials is what the construction companies do.

Despite the obvious advantages of printing the construction materials in-house, 3D printers provide a list of applications beyond cutting down the length of a supply chain. Many multinational companies are implementing this technology at a rapid pace, seeing the advantages that 3D printing can offer to their business. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits that 3D printers have to offer:

Lower Supply Costs

3D printing has the ability to save up to 50 percent of the construction project costs. This technology can prove to be a lifesaver for General contractor Calgary and could lead to higher competition within the construction industry. Competition basically means lower prices for the clients, which could lead to a shift from a rental mindset to an ownership mindset.

With 3D printing, the companies can better connect the supply chain with a digital thread. This will help them manage their products more efficiently from beginning to end-of-life. The manufacturing work can be distributed to any location that is equipped with digital manufacturing systems simply by sending a document. This decentralization allows for a more transparent, collaborative, and efficient supply chain. In case a natural disaster occurs, companies will be able to right additive manufacturing and move forward much more quickly as compared to traditional manufacturing.

Global Development

This is definitely one of the greatest benefits of this technology. Usually, as mechanization and automation increase, prices drop. 3D printers provide an affordable solution to build housing for poor people in need of adequate shelter.

Green Construction

This is another great benefit of 3D printing. By introducing this technology in the construction industry, the use of lumber in construction would be spared. This is a notable advancement for green construction companies and an alarming development for the lumber industry.

Efficient Project Planning

The most important part of every project plan is the structure’s design. With 3D printing, construction firms will be able to create models quickly and inexpensively to get a visual representation of the structure and pinpoint problems beforehand to avoid delays.

Streamlined Customer Expectations

3D printing has enabled construction managers and their clients to communicate more efficiently and clearly. Even a client with no knowledge of architecture can better express his requirements and ensure that all the concerned parties are one the same page. Much of the customer’s expectations come from a certain idea that he has in mind, and 3D printing makes it easier to materialize that idea beyond the traditional method of paper and pencil.

Despite the incredible potential of 3D printing, many construction companies remain wary of the effect it could have on their business. As we all know, increased mechanization and automation has been seriously detrimental to fidgety labor markets in the past. Due to the same reason, some firms believe that 3D printing can pose a threat to the expected boom in construction-related jobs.

The Future of 3D Printing

If you look around, you’ll see that almost everything is made automatically today – your clothes, shoes, car, home appliances, and so on. The only thing that is still built manually is the buildings. And as we know it today, construction is costly, wasteful, and most of the time over budget.

3D printing will help solve many major problems in the construction industry, such as the shortage of skilled labor. it will also remove human error in construction project planning. It seems clear that this technology will offer promising opportunities for construction firms to become more cost-effective and eco-friendly, often by significant margins. As the research on 3D printing continues to develop, it will be quite exciting to see the benefits this amazing technology will have in stock for the construction industry.


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