Ideas to Make All Your Tweets Interesting for Engaging More Followers

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Twitter is a challenging and evolving platform for experimenting, enjoying, and discovering. Everyone has a unique way of getting things done with their tweets and followers. We understand that Twitter is a popular social platform that boasts of millions of users. A smart business regards these users as prospects and accordingly starts marketing to them will stand to gain tremendous exposure.

As per The Balance Small Business, businesses could leverage a powerful platform like Twitter for a cost-effective way of boosting engagement with their followers and the overall customer base. It helps businesses to reach varied audiences across the globe, and it provides great opportunities for interacting with customers rather than focusing on only the promotion of products and services.

Are you finding it challenging to craft good tweets that help to grow your followers, boost your engagement or overall reach? It could take some time and effort to find and establish your niche on Twitter. You must be running short of ideas for crafting truly engaging tweets. There are a few tweet types that are regarded as classic and have proved to be quite successful in engaging followers despite Twitter being such a dynamic and ever-evolving platform. These tweets are supposed to be great for building rapport and highlighting your personality. You could consider experimenting with some of the following classic tweet ideas. You could come up with infinite variations while creating your tweets with these classic ideas.

Tweet a Picture of Your Scrumptious Meal

It is an acknowledged fact that food pictures perform better on Instagram. They attract followers to the platform. However, you can buy followers on Instagram by getting in touch with a trustworthy digital marketing company.

You can share enticing food photos on Twitter too. If you are sharing a picture of the delicious meal that you had enjoyed in a restaurant, you may consider tagging the restaurant. Your followers may be interested to know precisely where to head for enjoying such mouth-watering delicacies. There are chances that the restaurant may consider retweeting your message. Just in case, you have prepared the yummy food, it is a good idea to share the recipe. Food aficionados among your followers would love it.

Use Question Tweets

Questions are great ways of sparking engagement. Question tweets prove to be effective when the questions are relating to a specific topic that fascinates your audience. Even funny questions could spark a lot of engagement. For getting the maximum engagement from a specific question tweet, remember to engage with all your followers when they respond with their answers. You could use the Post Planner app to have access to a treasure trove of interesting questions. You may start by clicking on ‘Status Ideas’. Go on to click on ‘Questions’.

Tweet about Fantastic Customer Service Received by You

If you are quite pleased with the brilliant customer service received by you, you could tweet about it. It could be a great way of expressing your gratitude and extending your acknowledgment to the brand for a fabulous job. It could be a smart way of recommending the brand to all your followers.

Use Current Event or Breaking News Tweets

Current event tweets are effective because they demonstrate to your audience that you are in the habit of staying abreast of the latest developments taking place all around the world. Moreover, these tweets will let you leverage the popular hashtags related to current events. Focus on doing meticulous research on these hashtags for including the apt ones in your tweets.

Twitter has the reputation of being a news platform. We live in an era when breaking news shows up on Twitter much before they are on online news posts or newspapers. You could share that news and win followers.

Come up with Unique Quote Tweets

Unique quote tweets are becoming quite a popular trend on Twitter. Once you visit, you may type in a hashtag, and at once, you will come across images before any tweets are visible to you. By creating a photo and then tweeting it using a popular hashtag related to your niche, there are chances that you could appear in such a prime real estate right at the very top of your Twitter hashtag search. You could use the Post Planner app for getting things done easily since it is integrated seamlessly with Canva. You need to click on the logo of Canva, and everything can be completed from straightaway to the Post Planner app.

Use Multi-Line Tweets

Ever since 2015, you would find that cool youngsters are coming up with multi-line tweets. It is amazing to know that you could pack these multi-line tweets with creativity. It is great fun and addictive to use your unique multi-line tweets.


Often you need a few interesting tweets for setting you off on the right track to success. Remember that by including the above-discussed smart ideas, you can gain a lot of traction on tweets.