How You Nourish Your Hair & Keep it Healthy

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Take care and nourish the hair root for a healthy mane with Loreal Vitamin masque

Do you feel your hair is broken or weak lately? Have you lost volume and shine, the tips are open and you notice that you even lose your hair? Your hair may need some nutrients, more irrigation and more specific care. Healthy hair is one that stems from a strong root. The hairs are born in the hair follicle, in the deepest layer of the skin, and are mainly formed by keratin. The composition of the hair makes it elastic and flexible, in addition to other properties. Hair quality depends mainly on genetics, but also on nutritional and aesthetic care.

Let’s start with nutritional care

If our nutritional contribution to food is correct, it will be easier for our hair to enjoy good health. However, poor nutrition affects the nutritional status of the hair. When we notice that the hair is fragile, we can provide nutrients to the hair in different ways. Today, we will focus on the shampoo. Use mild, non-aggressive shampoos, and no added perfume. Make sure that the nutrients that the hair needs appear in its formula.

The vitamins of the B group such as biotin, stimulate blood circulation, allowing the arrival of nutrients to the root of the hair. Proteins, and essential fatty acids such as those containing extracts of millet or other cereals enhance hair growth. And some minerals such as zinc are involved in cellular metabolism that is, in the regeneration of hair. A more complete formula such as Loreal vitamin colour fresh feel masque will help keep your hair healthy and vigorous. Your dermatologist or pharmacist will help you choose the most suitable shampoo.

Tips for proper hair care

As for aesthetic care, good hair hygiene is essential, but do not wash your hair in excess. Follow these tips for proper hair care:

  • Apply the shampoo directly on the hands so that you can emulsify it properly with a little water instead of applying it directly on the hair.
  • Gently massage the scalp with the shampoo. In addition to getting a pleasant sensation and relaxing, you will be stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.
  • If you have a long mane, slide the strands of your hair between the palms of your hands, from top to bottom.
  • Avoid rubbing or stirring your hair because you can break it or make uncomfortable tangles In addition, excessive friction can produce alopecia.
  • Rinse your hair very well after each wash. Shampoo remains may irritate your scalp. Use cold or warm water during rinsing for brighter hair.
  • Biotin contributes to the maintenance of your healthy hair.

A low level of micronutrients is manifested in weak and low volume hair. The contribution of vitamins and minerals can strengthen your hair health. Biotin is one of the vitamins that most contribute to hair growth. The world of hair colouring is also living a real revolution. The quality of its ingredients is increasing, the widest range of colours and the easiest process

Runaway from contrasts

Keep in mind that grey hair is noticeable when hair is even darker since they stand out on the bottom. Therefore, they go more unnoticed when there is a job with colour gradients. So consider the possibility of trying Loreal vitamino colour fresh feel if you have a lot of white hair splashing your head. This shampoo helps your hair to lock the colour and keep the hair protected. As for the roots, something similar happens since they attract more attention. That is why it is better that, for a few days, you forget to throw your hair back as much as you can, so that they do not sing so much.



Small lifeguards

The good news is that a solution that arrived a few years ago is being reborn strongly: products to touch up the roots. It is mainly sprays of different shades that are applied in the area where the hair is born, and especially around the face which is where the colour lag is most noticeable. It is also advisable to put them on the line, since it is another of the areas where the roots stand out the most. Professional hair touch up is a spray to cover grey hair and roots in four shades. It combines silicone, for a natural result, and pigments that combine with any tone in a discreet way and without marks. Another of its strengths is that it dries at the moment which also helps to achieve a better fixation.

So, if you want to keep your hair colour safe, as well as the health of the hair at the same time, you can follow this above-mentioned recommendation. But, if you want to choose the best products for your hair care, try choosing Loreal Professional products instead.