How Unqualified Drivers Can Be Dangerous To Other Road Users

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By Kaleem Ullah

There are millions of professional truck drivers in the United States, and each of these truck drivers poses the risk of causing an accident. Collisions with a truck are much more devastating and traumatic than passenger car vehicles due to the sheer weight and size of the vehicle. If you or your loved one has been in such an accident, they may be suffering from severe injuries. 


The biggest danger to roads is the presence of unqualified drivers. Several federal regulations govern the trucking industry, but sadly, not all trucking companies follow the law. They take part in negligence, which in turn results in catastrophic injuries. If you are struggling with injuries and worrying about losses, speak to a Houston 18-wheeler accident attorney today. 


How unqualified drivers pose a danger on the road 


Federal laws state certain guidelines that trucking companies and truck drivers are required to follow to ensure a safe environment on the road. According to these laws, trucking companies recruiting drivers should ensure the following: 


  • The driver should pass a physical exam to be hired and be asked to take the exam every two years. 
  • The driver should possess a valid commercial driver’s license for the type of vehicle he or she is to drive. 
  • The driver should pass drug and alcohol tests which are to be conducted regularly. 
  • The driver has a clean driving record and has no signs of concern, such as speeding charges. 


Truck drivers must have good physical health because unwell people are more to take medications which results in sleepiness, fatigue, and tiredness on the road. Such conditions impair a person’s driving ability. 


If a company does not follow the stated rules, then it cannot be sure whether the person they have hired is qualified for the job. This poses a risk not only to the driver and the trucking company but to other people on the road as well. 


What are the training requirements for a truck driver?


Here are some essential training requirements in order to become a good truck driver: 


  • Entering/exiting roadways safely
  • Changing lanes in a safe manner
  • Avoiding drinking or substance abuse before going or while on duty
  • Avoiding the usage of cell phones or other distractions
  • Aligning the truck’s mirrors properly
  • Inspecting their vehicle before the trip
  • Being alert and paying attention to blind spots
  • Understanding the specified hours of service rules


What if I get into an accident due to another driver’s dangerous driving?


Drivers being negligent and driving dangerously on the road not only put them in danger but also others around them. The other driver being uneducated or unqualified about the road’s driving rules can get you in trouble. Furthermore, since 18-wheelers are heavy, the accident can also result in fatalities or life-threatening injuries. 


If you have been involved in a trucking accident where the truck driver was inadequately trained or not qualified for the job, you can legally hold the trucking company liable. Contact an attorney in Houston today.