How to Win Any Online Voting Competition

Those who know me well know that I despise vote contests, particularly poorly designed ones. As a result, I’ve created a comprehensive guide on defeating poorly structured charitable voting tournaments. The trouble with voting competition is that they pit NGOs against one other for a prize that doesn’t even come near to the actual cost of votes that these groups are attempting to win. As a result, they put their supporters in danger of losing their enthusiasm for these worthy causes. Because of the weaknesses in the system devised by a marketing agency, one group may opt to cheat to gain money for their noble purpose. To win any competition online you need to buy online votes fast.

Analyze its Construction

You may be tracked in several ways through a website in online voting competitions when you buy vote. Here are some of the most often used building-related terms.

GET Technique

You may view the data sent to the URL if you use this approach (poor security). thanks.asp? Or name=charity vote=true, for example. Find the URL and hit the refresh button like crazy. If cookies and IP addresses are being used to monitor you, remove them. If you post the link somewhere, it counts as one vote every time someone clicks on it. Since it isn’t 2006, no legitimate contest will be constructed in this manner, but you never know.

POST Technique

That indicates that the form data will not be shown in URLs when using this technique (medium security). If cookies aren’t being set, you may utilize the back button. With a browser like Chrome, cookies may be deactivated not to be tracked. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a more powerful human-computer interface.

Automated by Humans

With the use of third-party technologies, the following strategies may compromise the majority of voting systems. Because I can identify whether a distribution of votes is abnormal and defies an expected power law, it is crucial not to present suspiciously big voting tallies (20 per cent of the contestants getting 80 per cent of the total votes). At least one of our clients had considered participating in a contest when we noticed that cheating was taking place and encouraged them not to do so.

Scripts for Computers

You may create a macro that runs a sequence of mouse clicks and keyboard input at a predetermined period on a computer. Voting systems that don’t need human verification can be bypassed by creating macros. Most non-email verification processes may be missed by using these techniques in combination with a hotspot shield and cookies deactivated on a computer

Voting Outsourcing

‘Vote Brokers’ allow organizations to deutsche votes kaufen or emails for a small fee. Like how firms outsource simple work like audio translation, these organizations will do your bidding. Paying Amazon Turk employees to vote is technically against the company’s rules, which is fantastic. To get around the problem of not having a script in place, you may hire someone on Up Work to create one

Assistive Voting

Traditionally, a proxy vote meant that voters gave up their right to cast a ballot to someone else. A single user may keep track of many proxy accounts by signing in one at a time and casting their vote. In the event, if political employees were able to obtain the authorization of a district’s voters to vote on their behalf indefinitely, it would be a powerful tool.

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