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How to Use Low-Cost Car Stickers to Create Effective Local Marketing Campaigns

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Due to the COVID19 pandemic and social distancing rules, many brands are struggling to create authentic connections with target audiences. Consumers want a sense of emotional connection with brands. Unfortunately, creating these connections is impossible on virtual platforms.

In the past, annual conferences and trade shows would be places where brands got face-to-face time with consumers. But, most in-person marketing events have been pushed into 2022 due to safety reasons. How can small-scale companies with limited “virtual” resources create cost-effective local marketing campaigns?

The answer lies in traditional promotional products. Branded cars, company items (pens, key chains, etc.), and merchandise are ideal promotional gifts in this current environment. A mobile marketing strategy with cars covered with custom-printed stickers can do wonders for small-scale local brands.

The leading sellers of customizable car stickers allow business owners to feature brand logos and premium-quality artwork on their stickers. Here’s how brands can leverage these custom stickers to launch cost-effective local marketing campaigns.

Use Different Types of Stickers

Custom car decals and stickers come in different sizes and shapes. They are created using graphic design software tools so they can be customized to suit the promotional campaign’s theme/style. Your custom artwork (logos, offer details, etc.) will be digitally printed on vinyl. Vinyl is very easy to manufacture. So, customers can choose from –

  • Full wraps – decals and stickers that cover the entire vehicle, including all windows.
  • Partial decals – decals and stickers that only cover certain regions of the vehicle. 
  • Small stickers – small stickers featuring brand logos, offer details, business contact details, etc. Place them on car windows, doors, or bonnets. 

Vinyl stickers are very cheap and reusable. Smart business owners order a bunch of them and use them periodically throughout the year. Do the same. Order multiple custom-printed stickers for your car. Drive around the car with different types of stickers (but with similar branded designs) to build local brand awareness.

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Make Offers, Events, and Special Occasion Popular in Your Community

A well-designed vinyl sticker on your car that features information regarding sales or discounts is guaranteed to generate local interest. Use the stickers to encourage local consumers to check out your brand’s special sales or promotions. Custom-print the following messages on your stickers to generate mass attention – 

  • We are having a sale and you are invited! 
  • Buy one, get three – call this number now!
  • Visit homepage of this site for free coupons. 

Currently, many small-scale business owners don’t have enough resources or labor to manually distribute customized brochures or flyers. A smartly planned car sticker marketing campaign is the perfect low-cost alternative.

Decorate Your Company Car 

What many fail to realize about car sticker marketing is that they have plenty of options other than bumper stickers. Yes, stickers on bumpers are very popular and noticeable. Your company vehicle should probably have customized stickers with your brand logos on its bumper. But, you can attach these stickers on car windows, doors, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of.

Car sticker marketing works. Follow these tips to decorate your company vehicles with amazing marketing stickers!

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