How to Unblur an Image Online for free?

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By Kaleem Ullah

If you are a photographer then you are fully aware of the hardships that the majority of people have to face while clicking pictures and uploading them on social media accounts. Maturity of users’ regrets just because the picture clicked by contains such limitations that forced them to edit the photo.

The most common problem among them is the blurriness of photos. The whole beauty of the picture and its background is just ruined if it is blurred. If you have ever faced such a situation then you must look for the solutions to overcome this problem.

Imgkits provide users with an amazing feature of photo restoration that allows users to unblur their photos without affecting the quality or beauty of the photo. In short, a person can follow the steps mentioned below to know how to unblur an image.

Why does a picture get blurry?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to blurring a picture as it can occur because of low focus, unprofessional camera, objects in motion, or shaking of the camera. Human errors also count but even professional photographers also can get blur photos. In short, all the above reasons become the cause of the blurriness of an image. 

Whatever the reason is, an efficient tool can help you to unblur images easily. The main advantage of this tool is that it unblur the image without affecting the quality image. It also contains a photo colorizer to bring a new soul to an old black and white photo.

Method to unblur photo:

No matter what type of issue a person is facing because of his photo that he badly wants to upload but can’t just because of a limitation, he can use the tools of imgkits website. A person can follow the given mentioned steps to use the photo restoration tool defined in the imgkits website. 

Step 1:  To unblur an image, the first step that a person must follow is to have access to any Browser on his device.  After selecting the browser, it’s time to open it and then a bar will appear on the top of the screen for searching purposes.

Step 2:  We have to select the search bar and then at the bottom of the screen the writing tab will automatically appear. We have to type the website name on the search bar. The main screen of the website will start appearing on the screen as soon as the processing completes.

Step 3: The main page of the website displays all the tools and features that any person can use. We will be provided several tools after tapping on the tabs that appear on the top of the screen. We will see the photo restoration tool among the list of options. 

Step 4:  This tool allows users to unblur, restore and colorize the image easily. After opening the tool, it’s time to provide the particular photo to the website. We have to wait for some time until the unblurred image appears on the screen.


The sum and substance of the above discussion are that a person can unblur his picture by using the photo restoration tool of Imgkits website. People have to face a lot of difficulties just because of having errors in their favorite pictures. 

A person can follow the above steps to learn how to unblur an image. Imgkits also contains other tools like photo colorizer, watermark remover, background remover anime filter, etc. All these tools are working for the user’s ease and providing them great facilities in their work